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Sketch a day 140

By skraww
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EDIT: Check out this amazing music, by 100Day Delay, based on this image:…
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Wow the usage of blur in this image is really neat >.<
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Beautiful sense of drama in this, and the limited color palette just intensifies it. The misty light coming from the right of the canvas makes me want to jump right in to see where it's coming from. 
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Love the cinematic sense of depth.. exactly what I shall commission you for ;)
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can i use this image for my cover on wattpad? >< 
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Absolutely, as long as you credit me with a link back to my DeviantART page. :)
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The atmosphere is fantastic.La la la la 
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Yeah, who the heck needs warm weather anyway!I think I've fainted. 
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Winter is my favorite season. I wish the woods behind my house were this pretty...
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Not me! ;) I hate warm weather, haha!
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This is surreal, beautiful. Love the landscape.
A lot of your work has a cloaked figure in the background, is there a story behind that?
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I like to include a cloaked figure to give the feeling that my environments are being seen and explored by someone other than the viewer. It's also incredibly useful for showing scale.
I do have a story in my head for some of the locations (especially in the snowy scenes), but I've yet to put it down in writing, something I should really do at some point!
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I did notice that the landscapes feel larger/grander with a person for scale, especially in this one where the figure is very small compared to the rest of the scene. I'd be very curious to read the stories!
Great artwork as always :)
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the blurr and angle adds a lot to this image. This is really well done!

Did you consider adding a slight blurr to the vegetation on the right too?

I really love your art, and the style you persuit.
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Thank you very much!
I did consider blurring the foliage on the right, but I felt that it would possibly be a bit further away and therefore not as blurred as the rest. I also wanted something between the foreground and mid-ground to help the viewer sense the distance between the two. :)
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great perspective, snow, and movement. more than a sketch.
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This very interesting the angle colour and atmosphere is great
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Thank you very much! :D
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FAB! - I love FG blur and it really works here.
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Thank you! I'm addicted to adding foreground blur, it'd be in all my paintings but I don't want it to become overused! :P
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Very interesting environment. :) I like the falling snow. 
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Thank you! I do love snowy scenes, as you can probably tell by now =P
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