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A tree/foliage painting guide


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I put together this simple guide for painting trees/foliage. Its far from perfect but maybe it will be helpful to someone.
I'm using Krita and Wacom Cintiq, but it should work in pretty much any other painting program.


- I used only one basic, hard edged brush with pressure sensitivity set to size.

- make a sketch first. Keep every color on a separate layer, decide on the light source and color palette, paint in the basic shapes for each color. Then you can start adding the leaf shapes to each layer.

- keep every color on a separate layer.

- use the negative space - add leaves but also make some leaf-shaped holes here and there

- keep the shapes in mind - make sure it doesn't look like a bunch of grapes in the end (unless that's your style, then it's fine!)

- this is just a basic guide. You can upgrade it with adding new layers in between, some gentle shade on the layers, add some transparency to your brush and vary the colors a little bit.

- if you get stuck - get back to the basics and start over Wink/Razz 

But above all - HAVE FUN!! :D (Big Grin) 

 IF YOU LIKE THIS TUTORIAL AND WANT TO HELP OUT, you can buy me a coffee at KO-FI ;) (Wink) Heart 
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This is really helpful☺️
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Aw thanks, I'm super happy to hear that!! :hug:

thanks for the guide 🥰

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you are very welcome! :hug:

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thank you, very kind! :heart:

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My pleasure - I hope it's helpful! ;)

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This looks really helpful and fun! Thank you for sharing, I'll try this out someday!

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Thanks a lot! :blush: I hope you can make some beautiful art with this ;) it's really not hard, you just need to get the whole picture first and not get lost in the details (talking to myself here too.. :P )

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Great step by step tuto. I'll keep it in my fav for the next time i need to draw a tree or a bush.

Your tutos are welcoming, keep going.

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Thank you ! :heart: It's what's working for me (I'm still learning too..) and I'm always happy to share with fellow artists! :D Still, practice is the best teacher I think ;)

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