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Final :iconskratchjams: JAM before shifting all NEW jams to :iconchipperchapchat-jams:

Real simple here.

* Take ANY OC's from the Skratchjams OC pool :…

* If you choose your own OC, you have to do an another OC in addition.

* Re-imagine the OC as one of the members of the following Star Wars groups: Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire!

* Illustrate the character in Full Colour (digital or traditional) into the template provided: SkratchJams OC's in Star Wars by theCHAMBA

* Submit to 'Skratchjams OC's in Star Wars' folder:…

* If you like, you can depict the selected OC as each! (or even a different Oc for each if you like)

* Provide URL to the OC in your submission text description.

* If you don't have an OC in the OC pool and you'd like to participate anyway, it's all good.
All you'll have to do is Fill one of these in: SKRATCHJAMS - OC template by theCHAMBA and submit it to:… before you can participate.

This jam will end on:

Thursday 31st August, 2017 11:59pm PST
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What's This Place All About???

:iconskratchjams: is where the lads of :iconskratchwork: organise jams that are open to the Public.
Participation and Contributions are open to anyone.

As with the SKRATCHWORK crew, we set limits for ourselves to push our creativity further. This is necessary to challenge us to do things that we normally wouldn't do; to think outside the box and execute it.

The concept of a JAM is simple. Though it's not exactly what you see some of the SKRATCHWORK crew do occasionally (i.e. 10-15 minute timed JAMS); it's on a bigger scale. You have 5 days (4 because we're a day behind on this one, heh) to draw up your illo! This means you can go all out within the restrictions! If you mess up, don't submit it and just try again. It's more than enough to get you involved and drawing. :) Everyone will submit one piece a week, and since we're all busy with life, work, etc., that's more than enough time to get involved. :)

At the end of every week on the weekend, there is a special challenge called the Weekend Challenge that one of the SKRATCHWORK crew members will probably think up. This will usually be some type of looney idea that you have to come up with and draw. For example, if we were to say two words "Bottle" and "Bird", you'd have to draw something related to those two words/subjects. So in that case, I might come up with a drawing of Starfox's Falco drinking a bottle of booze, and theCHAMBA would draw a bottle with wings and a beak. It's probably the most fun part of each week, as the variety of ideas off those crazy concepts will be pretty awesome.

Every four weeks will have a rotating theme where we (the SKRATCHWORK crew) will pick a special theme or a character from that theme within that week. The first week's theme will usually be Cartoons/Anime. The second week's would be Movies/Gaming. Third will be Comics/Manga week. And the last week is always OC Week. Other than OC Week, the themes are subject to change every once in a while.

At the end of each month, we will then have OC Week. This will be a JAM on an interpretation of a member's original character picked from a batch of submitted OCs that members will submit. Please note, you can't join this group just to submit OCs. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE FOR YOUR OC TO BE PRESENTED FOR OC WEEK. Meaning that you have to participate regularly (and we can keep track of that, heh) and not sparingly. If you have one submission of some lame lazy chicken scratch under your belt, and you have submitted an OC, you're less likely to get your character picked. Also, each member can submit only ONE OC at a time. If your OC has been picked, you can submit another one in the pool of OCs to pick from. Don't submit more than one OC at a time in the outset. We'll only pick one of them.

The group is just starting out, so once we get *Super Group* status, we can have polls of what characters you want to see in weekly jams, countdown timers to remind you when the current JAM is ending, and extra shiny stuff.

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