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Insane Cry Baby (Pop Culture Youth) by SkramzGirl Insane Cry Baby (Pop Culture Youth) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 5 1
You And This Burning Chest Are The Reason It Hurts
I think about you all the time
As I'm sitting on the porch wrapped in your
Old faux leather coat
The snow continues fall and the lights
Begin to fade
It's getting darker, still
And you're steadily growing farther, still
I know you're too far away to listen
To me beg anymore
It's twelve AM in Chicago, and I guess
That's where you belong
It's time to eat lunch here but my stomach
Is deeply rooted in my brain
It's hungry for the thought of you
Coming back over to stay
Writing letters on loose leaf paper,
Washing the pencil stains from my hands
Sending out the post cards, and
Trying to wrap my head around this
Why aren't you here?
This is going to be the first year I'm alone
Watching the snow fall by myself
This is going to be the first year I'm alone
Lighting the fireplace by myself
You and this burning chest are the reason it
Hurts to breathe
You and this burning chest are the reason it
Hurts to breathe
You and this burning chest are the reason it
Hurts to breathe
Are you glad you aren't
:iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 0 0
For You
These poems are carved on the lines in his face
The crevice of weakening skin beneath his eyes tell the stories
Of yesterday, when he stood up late at night
Building a piece straight from the heart
The sawdust and splinters embedded in his skin speak of the wood
That passed through his hands
He's weary and weak but he'll be happy once the project is complete
He'll get to look up at her and say,
“Margaret, this is for you, I made it from love, from sweat, tears
And pain
I cut through the bellies of trees through the sunshine and rain.”
“Sleeping in Heaven, I know in your dreams you're watching
Margaret, this is for you
Sleeping in the seams of the clouds, I know through the mist
Your eyes are always watching
Margaret, this is for you
And for us, when I've finally withered away too.”
He took the taxi at night, drove straight through the city
Took a sharp curve off the end of the road
Taxi man had been drinking, so God had been told
But the man had to make it to th
:iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 1 1
Tiny Little Heart
You've got a lot of nerve, don't you know?
Talking to me like I don't have a single clue
Of what's going on with you
Tell me, why have you become so grave?
Nothing makes you smile
Not even if I offer to stay awhile
I've tried getting through to you,
But it's getting harder and harder to get
Inside your head
And now
You're taking control of everything
You hold close to yourself
You're making this a difficult task
I've been pushed from the highest shelf
You're taking control of everything
You hold close to yourself
I'm starting to think that you were
Replaced by a tiny little heart
It's a doppelganger of who you once were
[tiny, tiny little heart...tiny, tiny heart
I'm thinking, I'm thinking about you now]
What's that running down your face?
You say it's nothing but I see a setback
Waterworks that fill up the cracks
In your fragile skin
I've tried getting to through to you,
But it's getting harder and harder to get
Inside your head
And now
You're taking control of every
:iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 3 7
Punk Rawk Dog (Rawk On!) by SkramzGirl Punk Rawk Dog (Rawk On!) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 1 4 Creepy Baby (Such a Cry Baby) by SkramzGirl Creepy Baby (Such a Cry Baby) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 2 2
If I were dead would you try to resuscitate me?
If I drowned would you pump the water from my lungs and lay me out like a soiled sweatshirt
To dry in the sun?
Would you try to help me stand as I watch the water devour my toes in the sand
If I were dead would you have a break down at the wake?
Empty my remains onto the ground, say a prayer and see if I come back around?
Crush the roses between your finger tips?
Tell the funeral parlour it was all just a mistake; “She's alive and well and this casket
Makes her body ache.”
Would you like to share our breath like conjoined twins in the womb?
Would you hold me close and say, “My God, I'll never let go”?
Declare that the flower in the garden is my namesake, that simple rose?
Blasphemy only works when you understand the wrong in what is being said
Do you believe in the words that you say?
How does it feel to stand and scream out words you don't mean?
How does it feel to stare into the face of failure and still not know
:iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 0 0
Pills In The Cabinet
He looks like he's about to explode; stumbles into the room
Before falling face down into the dirty hardwood floor
His heart is beating in chest much faster than the blood running
Through his veins, much faster than the clock ticking on the wall and
Faster than the timer on the oven set to go off
He stretches out a quivering hand, draws his nails across the wood;
Tries to pull himself to his feet
The poor bastard is struggling as we speak (it never crossed his mind that
He'd ever be so weak)
He yearns to be like the shadows dancing upon the walls and the ghosts dining in
The empty halls
Why can't he be like these demons in his head, free to roam without
Ever going to bed?
No, no, no. He'll never be.
No, no, no. This can't be.
“I'll forever believe in the spirits living in the house
I'll believe in the spirits until they disappear; I'll believe in them until they come out of the walls
Each of them has made a little home; several little doors to Hell embedded within the
Peeling pla
:iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 0 0
Heroin Clown (Addicted To The Medicine) by SkramzGirl Heroin Clown (Addicted To The Medicine) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 4 3 Skele-Tom (Frontal View) by SkramzGirl Skele-Tom (Frontal View) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 2 0 Skele-Tom (Baseball Player) by SkramzGirl Skele-Tom (Baseball Player) :iconskramzgirl:SkramzGirl 4 2


The Coffee Demon by daekazu The Coffee Demon :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,951 279 horror tattoo by bhbettie horror tattoo :iconbhbettie:bhbettie 164 19 Reverse by Mesozord Reverse :iconmesozord:Mesozord 133 15 The Devil by Mesozord The Devil :iconmesozord:Mesozord 205 11 SCORCHED EARTH by Hartman by sideshowmonkey SCORCHED EARTH by Hartman :iconsideshowmonkey:sideshowmonkey 224 43 preacher cassidy cover by GlennFabry preacher cassidy cover :iconglennfabry:GlennFabry 242 21 Preacher by urban-barbarian Preacher :iconurban-barbarian:urban-barbarian 579 160 Ergo Proxy Icon Folder by Mohandor Ergo Proxy Icon Folder :iconmohandor:Mohandor 9 0 KStar Punk by AmaraVonNacht KStar Punk :iconamaravonnacht:AmaraVonNacht 105 14 The New FEAR by dholl The New FEAR :icondholl:dholl 504 42 Parasitism by dholl Parasitism :icondholl:dholl 238 50 Sweetheart by dholl Sweetheart :icondholl:dholl 715 68 L O V E by dholl L O V E :icondholl:dholl 2,512 212 Our Daily Blood by dholl Our Daily Blood :icondholl:dholl 3,845 368 Neon Zomb-girl by thienbao Neon Zomb-girl :iconthienbao:thienbao 493 37 Neon Zombgirl Moss by thienbao Neon Zombgirl Moss :iconthienbao:thienbao 627 30



    Back when I had a Deviant account (I was known as spooky1014u) I followed a lot of talent artists. One, however, stood out to me the most. I remember telling him how much I wanted to be a comic book artist, and his exact words were, 'Why wait? You can start now!' Because of that, I continued to draw and I gradually became better and better. I even developed my own style. I have that person to thank for why I have continued to perfect my craft, and even though my aspirations have changed (I'm going to be a tattoo artist), I would have never gotten as far as I have had it not been for his words. 

    I don't remember who this person is, but in hopes of them possibly seeing this, I'd like to say, "Thank you. Thank you very, very much. I may not ever discover your art again, but you've helped me a lot."

    Until I do find this artist again, I'm going to be an active member of Deviantart once again and get back into spreading my art with the world. I'm 17 years old now, have a job, and am starting to realize who I am as a person. If any of you may remember who I was when I was a 15 year old deviant, I am a completely different person. (And thank God for that! I was cringe-worthy!) I still have my goofy moments here and there, but I'm not as, how can I put this...erratic.  

    Hahaha, anyway....I'm back! I love you all, and I hope to come in contact with my old watchers again! <3 Oh, and one more thing: You guys can follow me on Wattpad…


SkramzGirl's Profile Picture
Jalia Maley Brodie
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I write, sing, and act. 17 years old. Pizza lover. I listen to a lot of 90's alternative, emo and skramz bands. I love punk rock, grunge, and anything alternative. I do write alternative pop songs, but I enjoy writing my emo/grunge/skramz ones more.

I have a lot of creative influences when it comes to songwriting.

Dashboard Confessional, Alexisonfire, Rites Of Spring,
Owen (Musician), Saetia/ Dead Poetic, Pg. 99/ Ampere,
The Promise Ring, Funeral Diner, City of Caterpillar,
Moss Icon, Sunny Day Real Estate, My Chemical Romance,
A Case of Grenada, Orchid/Hammerbox, Portraits of Past,
Melanie Martinez, Alanis Morisette/Lily Allen, Millencollin/NOFX.z
The Saddest Landscape, Pianos Become The Teeth, Joshua Fit For Battle (all time fav), TØP, etc....

skeleton beetlejuice by berkozturk Child with sick imagination by berkozturk baby beetlejuice by berkozturk………

Poe's dinner by berkozturk :thumb543648458: :thumb521869825: Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza The Used Stamp by TheChiza Billy Talent Stamp by TheChiza Gothic Content by LingLing927 White Tripp Stamp by miraibaby Horror Artist by Stalcry jed jumpsuit apparatus samp by zeos-stamps paramore stamp by zeos-stamps Paramore Stamp by SoaringWind saosin stamp by zeos-stamps :thumb149644228: He's a sick little bug... by PixieRiot I Support Jack's Dream -Stamp by Pinkatzinha My Chemical Romance Stamp by one-epidemic The Black Parade Stamp by XOXwatchmeburnXOX In Love and Death Stamp by XOXwatchmeburnXOX Silent Hill Stamp by XOXwatchmeburnXOX my chemical romance changed my by XxtrinketXx my chemical romance by natula My Chemical ROmance by Camcon Paramore by azfacer Death Metal X Screamo Stamp by soxadoodle pageninetynine Stamp by Screamo-Junkie Panic!At The Disco by JustYoungHeroes Twenty One Pilots I by JustYoungHeroes Twenty One Pilots II by JustYoungHeroes .::Stamp::. Neil Perry(Band) by Mercenary-Punk Funeral Diner 6 by FlowersAndRazorwire Tim Burton Stamp by theestephasaurusrex… Slipknot Sign 2 by Panico747…

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