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Tomson Talks 1.1

Different formats and licensing information in the Open Font Library. dA isn’t well suited for font deployment. I’m just posting it here for increased visibility. … okay, forget about Open Font Library. They’re apparently dabbling with new software now and the site is currently not very helpful. However, Tomson Talks is OFL licensed. I can offer this font in other file formats, but it looks like they’re not online anywhere right now.

This is my own comic lettering font. I’ve originally developed it as an SVG Font. Importing version 1.0 to FontForge did only partially work due to my faulty use of glyph names. Version 1.1 is still the same font with just glyph names changed, so I could import it to FontForge and create this True Type Font and other formats.

Beyond the basic latin alphabet the character set only contains those letters used in German or Danish. I’ve implemented several characters from the General Punctuation Unicode Block, but on the other hand not all of the punctuation marks in the ASCII character set are included. For more information see [link]
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I'm also working on two comic text font families, which I plan to make available under the OFL on my MidcoNet site:…

I'm using FontForge, too (thanks to GitHub for the latest Mac build), with letterforms I scanned from PaintFont templates. I want to cover most of WGL4 (except for arrows, box drawing characters and block elements), but I've had some difficulty with Cyrillic and extended Latin letters. Some features of my font families:

• The curly bracket keys produce "breath marks", which normally enclose utterances that are not really words.
• In my uppercase font family, shifted I has serifs, whereas unshifted I is just the vertical line.
• Codepoint U+1E9E contains a true versal eszett, a now-essential German letter which in other digital comic fonts too closely resembles a capital Latin letter B or a lowercase Greek beta.
• I currently have all of MacRoman in my dual-case font, with the obvious exception of the Apple logo (Option-Shift-K).
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Hi, I haven’t visited dA for a while and only now saw your comment.
I’ve bookmarked your site. Always glad to find new open source fonts I can use for comic lettering. The handwriting category on has many open source fonts which could be useful additions, but few which I’d consider using for the majority of text in a comic. The only ones I know of which include breath marks are Nibby and now Vipond Comic.
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Thanks for developing this font. I find it quite attractive, and recently used it on the cover title of a privately-printed book ([link]).
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...wait, there are double quotes in this font? *sigh* knew I should have pulled out the character map. Or maybe I have an old version...

I love this font, I use it for dialogue in my webcomic, Kara the Assassin (in my gallery, won't link to, blah blah).

One additional wish: How about adding the Fairly Commercial Symbols® frequently used for Sarcastic And Parodic Purposes™ in Jocular Comics™, and the related symbol which incidentally has quite Legitimate Uses©?
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Yes, three types of double quotes, as well as three types of single quotes. Just not the straight typewriter quotes. Ever since the first release version.

If you have an older version, the kerning pairs and character replacement (like the extra character for double T) are probably missing, though, because FontForge wouldn’t import them. So do upgrade.

When I come round to making the next version, I do plan on adding a copyright sign and—at some Private Use Area codepoint—a copyleft sign. I wasn’t thinking of the sarcasm use case for those other symbols, but glyphs which are requested certainly will be priorized.

Thanks for using my font.
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I've upgraded and used the font in a couple of the latest comics. Works great and looks really nice!

In case you're implementing more requests, there are a couple more I'd like to see. Comics tend to use a lot of strange symbols in speech bubbles. Some character might be in ♩♪♫♬ musical mood. ♬♩♪♫ They might really care about some people. ♥ They might speak in flowery tone, like all those Romans in Asterix before they go mental. ⚘ (though I envision a dingbat that might look more like two flowers without stalks) In my comics (like the last one), I've frequently needed to make people die in mid-sentence—✻...

Then again, it's hard to start guessing just what kind of dingbats people will use. In one comic I read, the science militia officer went "☭!!!" and the hero went ... well, nuts and bolts symbols aren't in Unicode. Perhaps people might get creative. By the power of the atom! WHA-⚛-BOOM For the industry! ⚒

(Disclaimer: this post looks OK in preview, But You Never Know These Days®. I'll repost this comment with relevant character codes if deviantART eats the Unicode. It has happened before, but I hear they've allegedly fixed this stuff.)
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Luckily all characters came through alright.

Musical notes are something I’ve used too. At least two of those characters are really necessary. I also shouldn’t forget these sound effect signs, which comic lettering fonts usually have in place of curly braces.

For that kind of creative use, the entire Miscellaneous Symbols and Dingbats blocks can be useful. Charas may get preachy ✞, go through a check list ☑, feel lucky ⚁⚅, be peacy ☮, cast spells ♏☥♄, ooh and it’s hard to decide which of all those stars, snowflakes and florettes are most appropriate for marking Christmasy.

In order to progress in small steps, I was thinking about ⚡☁☠, as these or similar symbols (along with a spiral) are frequently used for implied swearing, when explicit language is avoided.—They can also be used along with explicit swearing, to imply that it gets even worse.
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