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CC-BY-SA Licence chosen for compatibility with the music I have in mind — or was it the other way around?
I was thinking of playing the beginning of Alone by tryad over the end credits of most episodes but use Wake Up by Vavrek for the end of episode five “Problem solvers” and Far and Away by tryad at the end of the last episode. My choice of Ship of Fools by Ceilí Moss even made it into the script for episode seven, although that goes beyond the author’s job, and the story wouldn’t fall apart if you had the protest singer sing the beginning of another song. Episode eight “Escalation” has almost no dialogue, because I imagine it as esentially a music video set to another Ceilí Moss song, As Far As the Eye Can See.

Glossary of made-up abbreviations which are used but not explained in script (I intend to include explanations in the sequels. In case anyone wants to translate this script to another language knowing the meanings may help):

CosCom: Cosmonautics Command, the CosCorps headquarters, and figuratively the higher-ups
CosCom DatMan: Cosmonautics Command Data Management Department, used here as an exeplary apex of IT security (because if their system could be hacked, we’d all be toast. It would be like the end of Independence Day with reversed roles.)
CosCorp: Of course shortened from Cosmonaut Corps, refers more precisely to the United Earth Cosmonaut Corps
M.I.A.: The Military Intelligence Agency. They’re like a future version of MI5 (in space)
SIGMA: The Strategic Intervention Group Military Assault, better known (according to themselves) as the Supreme Incarnate Gods of Major Ass-kicking - another organisation the SG-1 look-alikes don’t belong to - are like the SAS in space! (also in the future but somehow the future doesn’t have the same drive to it as SPAACE!)
’stant: It’s easy to miss, but that one’s actually expanded in one scene. It’s shortened from ‘instantaneous translocation’, their term for teleportation and the preferred mode of orbit-ground transport for everyone but Bregan
P-15: Even I don’t know. The P could stand for particle beam, pulsed laser, photon amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, plasma gun, positron ray, proton pack
E-4: Don’t know either.
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