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You say you're not like Bea
What does that mean to you?
So now you need just two hundred?
That's what Bea said too

What do you think I told her?
Back then I told her, 'no'
And that's what now you get from me
I think now I should go

But when trouble gets too real
I won't leave you to drown
Once all you want is to get home
I sure won't let you down

Just tell me where you're now
Come on I need to know
Oh there, you surely understand
I would not like to go

Now you don't come to meet me
I have to pick you up
And you won't come alone with me
Have I not earned your trust?

Yea, that is so like Bea
Never just her and me
You even picked the same person
To keep us company

But no you're not like Bea
You don't babble of love
You just pretend you were my friend
That puts you miles above

So, bye, have a nice journey
I hope you get home well
Call not only when you need cash
Or difference's hard to tell

You, too, are not like Bea
Oh, are you sure of that?
You do such good impressions
Of all the things she said

So this would be the last time
For sure hundred per cent
Thousand per cent? Okay that's new
It still follows her trend

Hundred per cent the last time
Bea said that back then
And she said it the next week, too
And time and time again

Right now you talk like Bea
You say it the same way
That you won't need more after this--
You said that yesterday

But you are not like Bea
With her I could make plans
I'm telling you my days off work
But never get a chance

You call on too short notice
Leave and come back too late
Can't take the time when I could too
No time unless it's paid

You'd like to show me your home
I hear that quite a lot
Only one ever followed through
Like her you sure are not

Now this becomes a bad joke
Whenever people call
And wouldn't tell me where they are
This is where they're all

Bea started this trend
And now you do it too
Come out of Bea's husband's house
Then I might talk to you

So you are not like Bea?
Funny you'd say that too
What do you think did Bea say?
She said she's not like you

Don't talk about each other
You all don't understand
What each one of you did to me
Not what to me it meant

All I wanted from Bea
Really was honesty
And she came round to tell the truth
At last eventually

I thought I'd give her money
She couldn't steal my heart
She caught part of it anyway
But gave it back unharmed

And now she doesn't haunt me
She lets me have my peace
Like she has hers. It's you who called
Why aren't you like her, please?

I recall a time
When we all had less care
Which sure was not a good thing, mind
See how stupid we were

Bea always was happy
To see me when I came
Although she was the only one
Who never reaped a gain

Attentive, always helpful
Always in for a dance
Always checking if I'm fine
While you've had other plans

That is how I recall her
When I think of days past
And therefore I'm a little sad
That those days couldn't last

A friend is hard to come by
Especially in this town
So friendship lost and money not
Is why you see me frown

I don't know what she does now
I do not need to know
I know what she sure doesn't do
And I say, 'way to go'

If she ever has money
She won't spend it on drugs
Or to pay off some lowlife pimp
Nor is that what she is

She wasn't always good
Now see how a girl grows
If she plays mind games with her man
She keeps me out of those

Say, is there one among you
Of whom all this is true?
I'm glad that once I knew Bea
Who is like none of you
© 2015 - 2021 skotan
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