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Super Grover

I had fun making this one, every once in a while I'd stop, zoom out to see the whole thing, chuckle, then go back to work. If you for some reason didn't recognize these two very famous Muppets we have the very misunderstood Grover in blue, and our pal Ernie in... well... red.
People forget that Grover is by definition a monster. This is a less-cute depiction of that. (Though he's still awfully adorable, don't you think?)

Created with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and Photoshop CS.

(Nothing personal, Ernie.)
(Super) Grover and Ernie are copyrighted and belong to Sesame Workshop (
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he kild poor ernie? omg, berts gonna b so upset
omg, bert's gonna b so upset
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Aaaaaaaaaaagh noooooooooooooooooooooo! Nick.. I mean.. Ernieeeeeeee! D:
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Oh my goodness... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That cracked me up.
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i think Bert is gonna be happy that Ernie's dead.

but he'll be lonely,nah,he's got those Pigeons to keep him company.
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Cause Ernie's always annoying him, not letting him sleep etc. But even though they're gay, it doesn't count
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o. u think bert would like this? [link]
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And i ask you, why are you watching material that's meant for preschoolers?
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Noo!! This is hard to look at. Grover is my favorite Sesame Street character, seeing him do this breaks my heart..Why Grover, why? ( *Cry in a corner*)

BTW, awesome job. Keep up the good work mate! :)
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Thanks, I appreciate the comment :D
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This just makes my day. I love how he's wearing Ernie's scalp like a hat, hilarious! Super Grover was one of my childhood favorites, nice to see him finally embracing his monstrous side.
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This is frightening, but very well done.
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He's linked it to his blog btw So if you didn't know a very famous author is a fav of you per-say

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Patrick Rothfuss sent me here ^_^

Love this pic btw
Oh... my... god. *goes and cries in a dark corner somewhere*
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uh love it ^^ that's so happy three friends..
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LOL! This is too funny..the day Grover finally snapped...I never thought I'd see the day ^O^ Wonderful work! Just because of this picture, I'm going to have to add you to my watch list. Awesome job!
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