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YGO:TAS sticker collection

By SKOpseudonym
(I'm upgrading this from my scraps because I realise I probably won't be bothered to sharpen up these drawings to my liking right now)

YuGiOh Abridged stickers! If you want to use them, feel free. Here's how you do it:
1. Download this.
2. Go to an office supply store and buy A4 sitcker paper.
3. Print out, cut out and share the YGO:TAS love around!

I did these entirely freehand without a ruler or anything, so the circles aren't exactly circular... but screw geometry, I have art! (thankyou Kaiba: an excuse for every occasion) I didn't have space for a "brooklyn rage" or "limey man" one, so I think I'll do more.

YGO:TAS created by Little Kuriboh.
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Aww it's a baby panda... I mean Yugi. Thanks for these awesome sticker thingys. There super special awesome!
SKOpseudonym's avatar
PhoenixSpartanX's avatar
i suggest a "best kidnapping ever" sticker
SKOpseudonym's avatar
That's a great idea! I'll definitely have to do more...
LopunnyGloom's avatar
add a Limey Man one~ oh, and a gaydar! :D
I L<3VE Them so much when r u going 2 finish ur next set cus I can't wait much longer
SKOpseudonym's avatar
:aww: Thanks! I'm working on another set but it's slow work so I'm not sure when I'll be done.
JackieDanielStark's avatar
These are awesome. I'm pretty sure someone else said this before, though.

Hey, is that Yugi...? Oh, it's just a baby panda. Somebody get some bamboo leaves for that one.
ScourgesGirl's avatar
Lol! I love the Steve one!
Starwish65's avatar
if you make more I'll give you a hug! >:D
SueyZaid's avatar
that´s super special awesome! XD
Marikmizuki's avatar
These are all awesome!

Once teh new schoolyear starts I'll make sure every of my exercise book has one of these on it >D
SKOpseudonym's avatar
Yayz! If you took a picture for me to see it would absolutely make my day :aww:
Marikmizuki's avatar
daughterofbodom's avatar
You should add a "Frig the frigging frigger to figging hell" and "Shut up, Mokuba!!"
pok3d3x's avatar
I love them all, though for the voting thing, I would have to pick (its so hard to pick) the 'Why So British?' I would love to see 'IGNORE ME~!'

These are all simply fabulous~!
KilledKizuna's avatar
awww this is friggin awesome, steve ♥
Swipe-swiftly's avatar
Please make more, they're AMAZING <<<333
Zuniga-Lalita's avatar
These are amazing! :D
Hell-master's avatar
super special awesome!!
DesEmeraudes's avatar
This is just LOVE.

I'm gonna go print the FREE HUGS one sometime and stick it on my laptop ^__^
8charizardgirl8's avatar
They're all super special awsome!! :iconbigheartplz:
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