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Starship Ranger Patch Tutorial part 1

By SKOpseudonym
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So you wanna be a Starship Ranger? You might need this!

A few people have wanted to know how I made my Bug Plushie, but while I get that organised, here's a tutorial on how to make a Galactic League of Extra-terrestrial Exploration (G.L.E.E.) patch. I needed several for our Starship cosplay, and since Starkid don't sell them, I made my own. You can make any patch with this technique, though!

Oops! I forgot to put a picture of the finished patch in Part 1 so you'll have to look at the bottom of Part 2 for that ^^;

PATTERN: See the link below. Please read my comments on it before using it!

:bulletred:Skill level: I tried to make this clear enough for even Tootsie Noodles, but if you've never ever picked up a needle before, get a friend who has to advise you. Otherwise you should be fine. Don't hesitate to comment or note me if you have trouble :)
:bulletred: "Where do I get X?": Everything you need will be at your local fabric shop. Ask them if you can't find it!
:bulletred:"Satin" stitch: My satin stitch here is slightly unorthodox... a bit like a cross between satin and shadow stitch. This is just to reduce bulk; ordinary satin stitch is fine too.

Part 2: Pattern:

Starship (c) Starkid Productions -- Watch it here: [link]
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About how long did it take you to do each patch?
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This is great! I wish I'd seen this back when I was making my Halloween costume.
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Thanks! I hope you can find it useful in the future :)
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TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Thanks so much!!!! And you know what's tougher than embroidery?? Calculus. Calculus was tough. XP
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This is so totally awesome! Thank you!
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Thanks! It was my pleasure :)
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