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yes I am alive. not really but yes, special friends i will post occasionally. remember to love yourselves and dont forget to eat green beans.
hello special fridnds, i am back for a small little whiles. i have been homeless for a month and have returned to a bad place for the meanwhiles and i have goten a job cleaning up peoples messy green beans so i am saving up to get a van repaired and i have until the fall and then these bad people will probably kick me out into the wild again so then i will have to live in the van.

(This is the comedic approach to it because I dont normally break character on this account, real talk, I'm actually a small 18 year old girl who just graduated highschool and got kicked out for being a dyke basically its been hell and a relative took me in but they're giving me only a few months to get up on my feet. My main account I barely even post on anymore because I lack any motivation to draw anything that isn't spaghetti. Family situation has been a big shitstorm. Anyhow, if I do get word that I'm being kicked out sooner than I thought I'm making a legitimate gofundme I don't even care if I sound like a douche like you guys are incredible people. Like, you strangers are funny and awesome, thanks for being so cool. Love ya guys <3 remember never give up.) 
i have collected a dollar and this is very very good.

time to go to the greem bean store to deliver the happeins.

but i need more dollars 

i love you all special friends please give me a dollar.

Disclaimer i might use this money to buy food that isnt green beans. I'm saving up for a vehicle.
love you all and hope you find your green beans, i will try to upload more special art for all of my special friends.

Real talk thou I am very broke and I'm stuck in a bad place so seriously anything helps.
hello special friends it is i the skookz and i have come to tell you all i am inactive and will post art very very infrequently.

please eat your greenbeans and keep me n your hearts as I keep all of myspecial friends in my heart.
I love you all.
mr hobo thank you you are my valentine this valentine eve

also watchers i ned more point im tryin to be the richest deviant in the worl
current balance is 201 point. 

thank u for ur patronage
please give me your happiens i am uin dire need of ur happiens and i cannot simply collect htema;l so pls donate u points to mem for iam uploading new photos of mee pls help i am need to buy specail green beans for special poob thanks 

ps give me your points 
give me points
I need  a lot of points because thank you i love you my special friends i am investing in photoshop to make my skookz pictures better and better and better for all my special ftriends
I love you all I was gone for a few monnth anod now look at hoe many special frieds I have recieved

a;lso donate points because please
pleas donate i need points pleas
I will donate a few points to some special friends who can make me laugh. 
I touched a bum bum today.
thank you for being supportive of my special ness
for that I will reward each of you with my special waste. 
i will come to your house and leave some green bean for you. 
some group is saying i'm going to get "banned" and they are trying to bans mi 4 life!…

but do not be afraid, let me tell you why I wont get banned, special friends;

For starters, I'm not breaking any of deviant arts rules, I am not harassing or posting pornography without a mature content warning. I am being a friendly special friend to all of deviant art. 
and you cant get banned for that.

if you dont like my special artwork, dont look at it. simple as that. 
hello special friends now there are prints available for you to purchase. 
there are mousepads and mugs and other things for you to have

also do not forget to donate points so i can have a premium mebership and buy others prints
hot dog