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C: Tar Dragon for ComplacentFool

By Skollyson
Custom design commission for ComplacentFool 

I was asked to create a tar-themed dragon and given free reign with the concept. The first iteration of this guy was kinda more typical and sludgy. Basically completely made of tar, but the silhouette was lacking and overall I just wasn't fond of the idea outside a few of the key shapes in the build (I loved the big shoulder hump shape). So I got back to thinking again, and thought more specifically about tar pits, and La Brea, and figured "hey, you know a collection of fossil-like components all held together by tar sounds like a much better idea". I rolled with it and I think the result is a lot more interesting. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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This is fascinating and absolutely terrifying. I love it! The concepts around it with the wing membrane and the oily rainbows on its body really add some interest. I also love the bones and saber-tooth canines. Overall a really cool design!

shockaLocKer's avatar
What if the tar popped
Cyansky95's avatar
Very neat design, especially the wing membrane!
Decepticonica's avatar
This thing belongs in the Rotten Vale in MHW. Great work man!
comixqueen's avatar
What a cool design!!
ashenbach's avatar
WOW! Stunning design here!
Lavenderdadragon14's avatar
Love the concept with the wings!!
AmestaO3O's avatar
So cool :)
And creepy *-*
GraviT-Fox162's avatar
SCP 682 ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Oh i get the skull its a saber tooth tiger skull which are often found in tar pits. Nice
Holy Halibut steaks!

this awesomely wicked!! 
Junowski's avatar

What a wonderful design, very inspiring!
Darkzterroid's avatar
That is really good!
Ghost-Freak's avatar
leos1221's avatar
Freaky... I LOVE IT!
Dragonluvr1's avatar
This is pretty gross and scary lol. I love the design, it's so cool!
JonathanRees's avatar
It's like a wyvern version of Gogmazios from Monster Hunter. Badass nontheless.
Eva-Janova's avatar
This is so great! It certainly is refreshing compared to the gogmazioz dragon design.
MelMuricy's avatar
This look cool!
AlfaArtz's avatar
Holly Shet I Wanna Ride That Thing And Drag The Evil Capitalists To Communist Hell

cweinmanart's avatar
Very cool concept, and well-executed and gorgeous to boot. Beautiful work!
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