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Cinematic Euphoria.
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Supernatural - Angels and Demons Intro :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 15 7
The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker Alternate Designs by Sklarlight The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker Alternate Designs :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 11 0
THE SORROWVIRUS | Faceless Tech Demo Teaser :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 2 4
SCP 079 - UE4 by Sklarlight SCP 079 - UE4 :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 95 10 Five Nights at Freddy's - UE4 by Sklarlight Five Nights at Freddy's - UE4 :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 44 5 Heroes: Godsend - Chapters 11-20 Promo by Sklarlight Heroes: Godsend - Chapters 11-20 Promo :iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 2 0
Heroes: Godsend - The Final Chapter
Noah and The Nomad slowly regain consciousness after being knocked out by the devastating collapse. The Nomad is sitting with his back against the wall and one arm resting on his wounded knee.
“How long was I out?” Noah groans in pain, struggling to move as his wounds begin to heal.
“I only came to about two minutes ago. I just waited for you to wake up.” The Nomad coughs up blood as Noah realises that he has been heavily injured by the collapse.
“I’ll stop you.” Noah huffs.
“You can’t. You won’t. You’ve tried stopping me despite knowing that my powers allow me to reflect the damage of your attacks against yourself, which obviously resulted in you being where you are right now. Crippled. Far be it from me to tell you who to trust or not, Noah.” He smirks whilst holding the Godsend Device in his hands, protected from the collapse by its outer casing. A bloody Noah struggles to get back onto his feet, trying to run t
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Nine
As Noah Bennet summarises his journey from America to England, time seemingly and suddenly slows down to a halt, as Noah falls unconscious. A figure emerges in his mind.
“Hello, Noah. My ears were burning.” A figure mutters slowly. “It’s about time you and I spoke about… matters of life and death.” He continues to mumble.
“Who are you?” Noah grunted, struggling to see the face of the mysterious stranger.
“What, you don’t recognise your own father?” He states rapidly. “Sorry, not your real father, I didn’t mean to get your hopes up.” The Nomad reveals himself as he emerges from the shadows. Noah instantly reacts by attempting to attack him. “I’m afraid that I must disappoint you by revealing that I’m not really here, I am merely inside your mind.” He clarifies.
“How are you doing this? We destroyed the chip. Do you have the power to stop time too?” Noah shudders.
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Eight
“I’d had a few calls from Angela Petrelli, she can dream of the future. She kept telling me about a threat called The Nomad, that he would bring about a world in which we have no control of ourselves. I dismissed it as nothing more than an onset of severe paranoia after the Sullivan Incident. She was having dreams left, right, and centre. I didn’t take this one seriously at first. I was dealing with the fallout from the Sullivan Incident and I had to focus on that. It wasn’t until she told me that it didn’t matter what this Nomad would do, he’d bring about the end of the world anyway. that’s when I knew I had to listen.” Noah Bennet recalls his conversation with Angela Petrelli.
“Angela.” Noah Bennet calls out.
“Noah, thank you for coming.” Angela expresses her appreciation.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come before.” Noah Bennet apologises.
“You had your own issues to deal with, Noah. You had t
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Seven
The ground is barren, a wasteland that serves as an instant reminder of the beautiful devastation that occurred moments ago. Beautiful in such a sense that the world has been saved and one lonesome field paid the price. War has been avoided and Wildcard is gone. Riley is a distant memory, his final farewell forewarned Noah of the events to come. Noah winces as he struggles to even limp towards the nearest building, a dark and lonesome church that has barely been damaged by the dramatically devastating explosion. His vision blurs whilst his tinnitus grows exceptionally louder. In the distant fires, he sees his clone faltering away, an unexpected survivor of the unforgiving blast. As he walks with extreme difficulty towards the church, Noah wonders why he continues to search for the truth. He cannot fathom why he wishes to carry on learning how Riley’s conscience was merged with his own. Tiles fall from the front of the church as the structure faced the remnants of the explosion, t
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Six
“He’s so beautiful.” Elle whispers, her weary face staring in awe at her child.
“He really is.” Gabriel agrees quietly. “Eleanor, I know we discussed names for boys and girls, do you know what you want to call him?” He wonders.
“I liked the name you suggested. It’s an important name too.” Eleanor smiles.
“So is that what we’ll call him?” Gabriel caresses Eleanor’s cheek, smiling towards the baby.
“Noah. Noah Gray.” Elle’s lips quiver with happiness. “I love you, Gabriel.” She stares lovingly into Noah’s innocent eyes.
“I love you too, Elle.” Gabriel gently strokes Elle’s hair and stares at Noah. “Who are you?” He looks up at the hospital room door and speaks firmly.
“I’m nobody yet. But I will be, all thanks to that son of yours.” The Nomad answers.
“Listen to me, get out. You will regret this.” Gabriel speak
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Five
“I’ve managed to stop the missiles from launching, but there’s that one that I can’t stop, it simply doesn’t have an override!” Quinton yells.
“What is the missile’s target?!” Noah shouts, as he struggles to hold the door closed.
“This can’t be right.” Dillon mutters.
“What is it?!” Noah yells with impatience.
“You, Noah! The target is you! Or Wildcard, I don’t know!” Dillon blares.
“Somebody’s coming.” Quinton speaks alarmingly as he notices numbers changing on an elevator shaft at the end of the room.
“You aren’t stopping anything, any of you.” Hilary barges into the room with a small group of soldiers and an unidentified clone. Hilary stands beside the clone and strokes his arm. “He’s gorgeously muscular, isn’t he? Oh, you haven’t met. Let me introduce you all to Tyler Noble, one of our finest private-hire soldiers who peri
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Four
“Hope? Oh my god.” Dillon mutters whilst she and Quinton run up to Hope and hug her tightly.
“You two know each other? Is it just me, or does everybody know each other?” Riley questions.
“We do, I thought she was dead. We both thought she was dead. Quite a few of us worked together before we were captured by the Preservation of Eden. Hope was one of them, so was Lily.” Dillon answered.
“They told me you guys were dead too. They must have said that to all of us. Have you seen the twins?” Hope wondered.
“Wait, don’t tell me you’re talking about the JJ Twins?” Riley butted in.
“Yes! Jessica and Jennifer. You’ve seen them?” Hope responded.
“No, I don’t believe this. They were in the building. They left before we found you. Both of them were extremely adamant to get home, it seemed as if they had nothing to stay here for. They probably thought you guys were all dead too.” Riley assume
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 2 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Three
“Do you ever wonder how many people you've seen for the last time?” Riley ponders towards Owen, as he looks onto a computer screen.
“All the time, I try not to. You never did tell me what happened next. What was on the note?” Owen asks.
“She was trying to tell me that not all is as it seems. That I’m not really who I think I am. And this confirms it.” Riley reflects on the final written words from Lily whilst he sits next to her cadaverous body. He slowly inspects the envelope as his hands tremble at the realisation that Lily is dead.
“Lily?” Riley’s voice quakes as he strokes her cheek with one hand, holding the envelope in another. He stares in denial and slowly looks towards the envelope, opening it up and unfolding the piece of paper within.
“Of course, if you’re reading this now, the time has come. Please forgive the clichéd tone of the first sentence. You are Riley Stenson, at least, in your mind. But yo
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Two
“What did you do?! What did you do?!” Lily yells.
Riley groans as he feels paralysed and stuck in place whilst looking at his surroundings.
“What’s the last thing you remember?” Lily enunciates as she faces directly towards Riley, ensuring that she has his complete and total focus, without fail.
“Um, I… I remember… Our lesson, I remember the lesson finishing early. We came out to see the eclipse…” Riley groans.
“Tell me more, carry on.” Lily demands.
“This morning… You woke me up with a knock on my door.” Riley remembers. Knocking occurs on his bedroom door, waking him immediately. Riley reacts in shock and surprise having forgotten that he now lives in a haven.
“Are you there, Riley? It’s time to get up!” Lily shouts, her voice muffled by the door.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m up. I’ll meet you in a second.” Riley groans as he realises he slept in the same clothes he
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter One
“The feeling… It’s indescribable.” Riley, a scruffy young adult mutters as he recalls falling through a void as the empty space surrounding him ripples with devastation. The powerful wind causes his clothes to rapidly flail around as if even the inanimate items are aware of the impossibility going on around them. Blind to his surroundings, he falls unwillingly, expecting nothing more than a handshake from Death himself. Immediately after this thought, he sees a winged female figure reach her hand out to him, but the blinding light grows stronger until everything becomes silent. As he screams, wishing for it to be over, Riley falls front first onto a grassy meadow, the impact immediately renders him unconscious.
“It was frightening. If I had to explain how it felt, I would say I felt like I was born again.” He mutters once more, reliving the traumatising and unforgiving nightmare he endured. As the long grass is gently touched by the slow wind, the ti
:iconsklarlight:Sklarlight 1 0

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by Ploopie

Fantastic piece! I love how you have kept the panda to look like the way it is in the stock piece, the way it gazes onwards to the pie ...

by Kateey

I love this photograph, to begin with it's definitely unique. The most striking thing is the air bubbles around the bottom of the light...



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