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50 vs. 2

By SKJeter
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I think they can handle it ;)

Today was a long depressing day at work, so naturally to get through the day I drew my two favorite characters, Thane Krios and Rhiley Shepard. Check out the video here [link] of me drawing them traditionally.

Thane Krios and everything Mass effect belongs to Bioware...Rhiley Shepard persona matches my own however.
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Gorgeous artwork. Excellent work.
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Thank you kindly
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50 vs. 2? That's not fair.

It isn't a challenge until they can have 30 targets apiece. ;)

Excellent drawing btw, wonderful job on the shading. Very nice and precise.
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True enough there with your numbers ;)

Thanks a bunch!
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loved it
Thank you!
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My pleasure ;)
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Wow... True lead mines or paper ? Anyway, it's stupid as a matter ! :) You're really awesome when you draw with this technic, all natural air and easy…
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True lead mines?

Thanks though :D I do love my number two pencil.
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Sorry, I meant pencil lead or Criterium ^ ^ I wrote too fast ... Hahaha :D
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Yeah just a number two BIC mechanical pencil.
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Stupid question... I just saw the link to the video ... i'm a idiot
Whaaaat ! You draw with a "Frenchies" BIC Pencil... Good choice, a good tool ^^ it's magic !

Beside... nice videos ! Instructive !
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You capture Thane so perfectly!
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awesome pencil work here!
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Very nice!
Oddly enough, I love how the title tells me that there's 50 bad-guys 'off camera'... I totally picture them in my head :D
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Thank you :) glad you like the title.
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That helmet is BEAST.
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Thanks. Defensibility my favorite one from the game.
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Thane looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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