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Seattle, WA

This is based on a picture that my friend Marie took while she was visiting Seattle over Christmas break. The biggest problem with the picture was that there were powerlines crossing in front of the Space Needle! So using the power of Paint.NET and its Clone Stamp tool, I removed the two that were the worst offenders. Then I added some glow with a 2nd layer using Gaussian Blur and the Overlay blend mode. Cropped it, resized it, and now it's a high-res widescreen wallpaper.
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1920x1200px 611.84 KB
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1 second
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6 mm
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Dec 26, 2005, 5:49:18 AM
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where in seattle was this photograph taken?
Jathu's avatar
Who ever is lucky enough to have this view from their room must be really...lucky! :P
Skarpskyter's avatar
Agreed! :D

Great shot Skizatch.
IndoorSnowStorm's avatar
I absolutely love all of the colors in the photo! Another nice touch is how the shot was taken in a residential area instead of downtown. Love it! :love:
emiswelt's avatar
Paint.Net for the win!
MaXXedNova's avatar
My dads friend lives in one of those houses 0_o how cool is that?
robert-kim-karen's avatar
Followed the link from [link]
I was happy to see something from here, on deviantart.
I've been using paint.ney for overa year now. Really happy with the program. Recommend it every chance I get.
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Having lived in Redmond, WA I went to Seattle very often (lived there for 8 years). I just recently visited to see my friends graduate at Qwest Field.

Definitely brings back memories, awesome pic.
mitsuki-kunoichi's avatar
oooo i live in washington! >.<
kevjohn's avatar
Saw this linked from Paint.NET. Nice edit of a great photo.

Some of the better shots of the town I'm in now are lessened by power lines, tree limbs, etc. Maybe I'll take a few now and try my hand at this.
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I am homesick now...
Yeah, without all of those powerline, this would have been freaking SUPER! it still ooks really good though. Isn't this fairly close to Bill Gates' mansion?
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I believe he lives in Medina, on the other side of the lake, not in Seattle.
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can you post the original, i want to see if i can do it too lol.
skizatch's avatar
There is a copy here: [link] :)
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Very nice shot. Saw this on the and followed it here.
coordination's avatar
wow! cool! I use paint.NET, and i'm wondering how you removed the lines without leaving traces behind.

Great pic!
skizatch's avatar
very carefully, and very slowly with the clone stamp mostly. some use of the color picker and pencil tools to per-pixel fixups. it also helps to start with an image at a higher resolution than you plan to publish at -- in this case, the original is 2560x, and then resized down to 1920x for publication
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just found this on [link] for love the saturation of the colours
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Cool. I live in central WA and I frequent Seattle. This is a really good pic.
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Very nice work. I think it looks great! :)
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