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To the Left

By Skiyomi
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Really messed up on the cloak, but I'm actually pretty happy with the rest of it, if only because I'm terrible at drawing in profile and this looks better than usual XP The coloring's just kinda messing around.

I originally drew her with the little headband thing, but yet I didn't draw the rest of her headdress... which kinda makes no sense. I did not notice that fact until I'd already done the lineart, but I was able to get rid of it before things got too in-progress to fix.

Lineart + Coloring done in GIMP
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This looks good, her eyes look really good, but one small thing: it might've looked a bit better if she'd have her head a bit less turned to the left, so you'd see a bit more of her neck, but that's just my preference.
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Thanks. I think you're kinda getting at the issue, but I don't see it as a problem of head-angle. More that I lost track of where her neck was (since it's covered by her bangs) and made a lot of mistakes in her cloak and how it lines up with her head because of that. So the result looks really off-center and abbreviated.
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Well, I'm not saying it's a problem, I just thing it would've looked better. And yeah, keeping track of things covered by hair can he hard when drawing (example: my girlfriend's shoulders, as you can see here [link] ).
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Adorable. Her eyelashes look really lovely XD