Slayers, Diary of a Dragon, Ch.24

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Chapter 24. Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Saturday, May 12th (This time for sure).

Latent Island. Town Hall. 9:18 am.

It’s surprising what a relief it is just to know where in this wide world I am and what time it is. Luckily this is a fairly small island so it didn’t take too long to find a little town in the clear light of day. …In fact, if I’d realized it was so close I wouldn’t have slept against a palm tree last night.

But I’ve had a quick meal (it only occurred to me once I started smelling food how famished I was), reassembled and reset my now dried out pocket watch, and gotten a look at a map—so all in all I’m in much better shape than I was last night.

I asked around, but it seems like nobody has seen Miss Lina and the others around here. A nice woman who works here is seeing about getting me a boat schedule, though, and then I plan on searching out the nearby islands for them. I’m operating under the assumption that they’re most likely not too far away from where I ended up. We’ll see how correct that turns out to be, but nearby is best for now. I can fan out more if I have to.

The Ocean Breeze. 10:05 am.

Well, I’m off to search the nearest island. I don’t know if I’m sailing towards Miss Lina and the others or precisely in the opposite direction, but I have to start looking somewhere. For now, I’ve just got to be patient and wait to arrive in the harbor. Since I’m both off my feet and still moving forward, this is pretty much the best time in the world to finish (at least as much as I can get to before we arrive) writing about what happened before.

…Then again, I barely got any sleep last night and I’m still pretty exhausted. Perhaps I’d be better off taking a nap. Or, you know, maybe I should just pour over the maps I’ve picked up so I’ll be familiar with the best places to look once we do get to land. I mean… that’s more important, right?

…I guess what I’m saying is… do I have to?

10:11 am.

…I have to. I made a promise. I have to get this down, no matter how much I don’t want to return to it. Maybe if I write it all down I can… concretize it, I suppose. Make sense of it. Make it work in my mind.

…I don’t want it to work in my mind. Most of it, anyway.

I left off at the end of that tunnel. The me of yesterday left the worst of it to the me of today.

I’d been looking behind me as I ran through the tunnel, expecting Xellos to catch on to my trick and start trailing from behind at any moment. If I was looking for him, I was looking in the wrong direction. I turned to see him standing just ahead of me—in the mouth of a large, cave-like chamber—facing away from me and toward the figure of Valgaav, who was sitting, panting and exhausted, on the other side of the chamber. He—Valgaav that is—looked stuck, painfully, between transformations, with one of his arms a blackened dragon’s talon.

I hid as quietly as I could behind a stalagmite, hoping that I hadn’t been seen. I didn’t know what to make of this meeting or what the two of them could’ve been up to.

“I came here for an entirely different reason this time,” Xellos was saying.

“What do you mean?” Valgaav asked, heaving out every word.

“Let me get straight to the point,” Xellos answered, all business, “I am here because I was ordered to find you. I am to bring you to the monster race’s side, Valgaav.”

That’s where it starts. Monsters. They were out to kill him before that. That’s why we’d been able to not take Xellos’s involvement with are group so, so seriously. Not as seriously as we should’ve. Valgaav was our enemy. He was Xellos’s too. But that state of affairs had changed. Xellos was all too ready to move to the opposite side of the street from us—to throw in his lot wholeheartedly with those who wanted to kill us—without even letting a peep of his intentions out to us before he moved.

“You see, the sad truth is that the monster race has a shortage of talented people like yourself,” Xellos expounded, making his offer sound more like a career opportunity than a backstabbing power grab. “So the focus of this battle, the summoning of the Overworld dark lord Dark Star, has become a very important matter to us. While the higher ups were originally in favor of the summoning, our current difficulties with the gods make it impossible. Therefore, I’m prepared to grant a full pardon if you will join us as a member of the monster race.”

I was too horrified by the offer he was making to really wonder what he meant by “current difficulties with the gods” back then, but I suppose I’ll have to go on wondering. That’s not the important thing anyway. He was going behind everyone’s backs to recruit Valgaav—to exploit the mayhem and destruction and power he had in order to serve the demonic goals of his own kind.

With a rising sense of nausea, I thought I’d heard the worst. I hadn’t.

“Of course, we are prepared to compensate you for this,” Xellos added, still, for all the world, sounding like this was an everyday deal. Like an innkeeper negotiating over the price of rice—not like someone trying to team up with the enemy of his current allies without their knowing.

“Compensate me?” Valgaav spat in disbelief.

“If you agree to join us, then the person responsible for Lord Gaav’s death will be dealt with once and for all,” Xellos said. The message—the horrible message—was there, but the language was still vague—civil. Like he hadn’t quite taken off his mask to say what he had to say, but was fiddling with the string that held it in place.

“Hm?” Valgaav looked for clarification.

“In other words, Valgaav,” Xellos said, lifting up his head as he gleefully let all pretense drop, “I shall personally see to it that Lina Inverse is destroyed.”

I couldn’t believe it. Even from Xellos, I just… couldn’t. This wasn’t just going behind our backs and joining up with Valgaav. This was using Miss Lina’s life as bait to do so! Miss Lina who had let him into our group—involved him in our plans. They were… they were friendly to each other and then he…

I crept out of my hiding place. I couldn’t stay hidden after that.

“Oh my. It’s Filia,” he said, not even bothering to turn around. And don’t try to read that as an “Oh my, I’ve been caught doing something disgraceful and I’m ashamed or at least not happy that I’ve been caught.” No. There wasn’t a trace of embarrassment to his words. No indication that he’d been discovered doing something terribly, horribly wrong.

“Xellos!” I cried out, voice nearly breaking with fury as I advanced upon him. “I can’t believe you would trade Miss Lina’s life just to get Valgaav on your side!”

He looked over his shoulder at me. “Oh? Are the priestesses of the Fire Dragon King normally given to eavesdropping?”

Not only did nothing in his words or tone convey the tremendous wrong he was committing, he actually behaved like I was the one who had something to apologize for!

“That’s beside the point!” I answered, knocking down this obvious and feeble distraction he’d put up. “Were you serious about what you just said?” I asked, holding up my hands and demanding that he tell me…

What? That this was just a lie to influence Valgaav? That I’d misunderstood? That this wasn’t what it looked like?

“Well, of course I was, Filia,” he answered with a shrug, dismissing my frail, would-be denials that this was really happening. He closed his hand into a fist and looked directly at me. “I’d gladly kill Lina Inverse with my own hands.”

A chill crawled down my spine. It didn’t run—this wasn’t a quick sense of discomfort—this was something slow and lingering. I gasped and stared at him, wide-eyed. For the first time they were both there—the two of them. The Xellos who I’d personally encountered—the creepy, impolite and arrogant nuisance; and “The Detested Xellos” I’d heard about all my life—the murderous creature who’d brought to a violent end thousands of my people’s lives without a second thought—without a trace of mercy.

And I couldn’t. I couldn’t make them connect. I couldn’t make them one.

“But… aren’t you…” I tried weakly, “supposed to be Miss Lina’s friend?”

“No,” he said—coolly, without hesitation. “I simply travel with Miss Lina’s party because their objectives often overlap with my own.”

My mouth went dry and my fists twitched as he explained it. Nothing. We were nothing to him. Nothing but a means to an end.

“Please, don’t forget,” he said, drawing his index finger up to a nasty smile on his face with a sense of slow triumph, “I’m a monster, remember?”

…I’ve been so stupid. So, so stupid…

10:38 am.

I’m sorry. I’m back. It’s just… I’m so… I guess frustrated without myself? That’s a part of it at least. Because I’m the one among all of us that should’ve known better. My people have experienced his unforgiving cruelty firsthand and yet I… I was surprised! I was disappointed. Miss Lina barely bat an eye about it later on and I… All those times I thought they weren’t taking him seriously enough as a threat, and now it turns out that I was the one who was the least prepared for this.

…I don’t know how he managed to sucker me. I’ve always had an awful opinion of him. But he… I got so used to treating him like an annoying gnat that somehow, deep inside, I did forget. And he reminded me. Oh, did he ever remind me… he’s a monster.

He turned away from me, eager to move on to the business he’d come to deal with. My discovery of him didn’t seem to make any difference in that whatsoever. “Now then,” he said to Valgaav, “do you have an answer for my proposal yet? Will you join the monster race, Valgaav?”

“Don’t do it!” I cried, looking the prone ancient dragon pleadingly in the eye as I tried to stop this unholy alliance from happening. “Valgaav, joining the monster race would be a big mistake!”

“Oh? Are you asking him to join your people, Filia?” Xellos jabbed. There was such a nastier edge to his voice and it was growing in effect with every sentence he pronounced.

I let my hands, formerly fists, drop to my sides—having been left rather deflated by this bluntly impossible question. “I… I don’t… I…” I shakily tried.

“I wouldn’t talk if I were you, Filia,” he cut over me, a harsh laugh somewhere behind his words, “considering how you golden dragons murdered his tribe the ancient dragons. Or have you forgotten?”

And there were those words. That… revelation that he’d threatened to make. The knowledge that he’d asked me if I wanted to know. The words I said I couldn’t trust from him.

But to hear it… from him and from Valgaav…

“Oh yes,” Xellos went on, indulging in his dark accusation—relishing the notion of such a sin on the souls of my people and the pain it would cause me, “the golden dragons feared the ancient dragons’ power so much that they gathered a huge army and wiped them out.”

His lips twisted into a smile. Whether it was hypocrisy or the image of mass murder that appealed to him most, I can’t say.

“Silence!” Valgaav broke through the spell of Xellos’s words with an incensed yell. “Silence! SILENCE!” He was clutching his dragon-form arm and laboriously got to his feet. “You monsters are no different,” he answered Xellos in a low, disgusted tone. “Didn’t your race try to kill Lord Gaav because they feared his power once he turned against them?”

Xellos didn’t even attempt to hide from the ugly implications of this rebuttal. You’d think since he was trying to get Valgaav on his side he would’ve tried. Instead he just shrugged and said, “Well, that is true.”

Valgaav raised a shaky fist. “Then a monster like you has no right to smugly lecture her on the reasons my people were killed,” he rasped angrily.

I put my hands over my mouth in horror as I watched the two of them. Valgaav was furious—moreso than when Xellos had made his original offer. The situation was escalating.

“The only one who ever helped me was Lord Gaav,” Valgaav intoned, as though taking refuge in a rare truth. He pointed at Xellos. “…And I will never forgive the monster race for destroying him!”

“Well then,” Xellos answered, the cool counterpart to Valgaav’s blistering ire, “can I assume you have no intention of joining us?”

He said it like… like it was a requirement. Like he needed that spelled out just to cut loose and do what he wanted.

“Take this as my answer,” Valgaav threatened, gathering a glowing ball of energy in his hand and sending it straight toward Xellos.

I fell backwards as the energy rushed past me—heating the air to hair-singing temperatures as flew by. But it hit only wall. Valgaav’s target had vanished before he could make a hit.

“I’ll take that as a no,” Xellos’s unflappable voice came from the smoke and debris-clouded room. His hand appeared through the dusty air as he swept it aside, becoming visible floating in midair. “I knew from the start this was a waste,” he said, a slight shrugging gesture from the hand that wasn’t holding his staff, “but I was ordered to make the proposal to you. However,” he went on, as though getting to what was, to him, much better news, “I have another order to carry out now. If you will not join the monster race, I am to use any means necessary to kill you. I’m afraid I’m your enemy now.”

Valgaav stepped over, picking up his Dark Star weapon. “You were my enemy from the start!” he insisted, drawing the magical blade from his weapon with a roar.

…And you’re not prepared even now for what happened and how it went, because even though I felt the… the dejection of Xellos callously tossing us aside like the nothings he felt us to be for the expedience of using Valgaav’s power and of his cruel insistence that my people had committed unspeakable crimes, there was still farther to go. You’d have thought that I couldn’t possibly have been stupid enough to have any faith in him left to lose. But even looking back on the horrible things he was saying he was so… business-like. He was efficient, clear and focused on completing his task.

He wasn’t like that in the battle. Not really. Not like how you might think. Not quick. Not so he could just wash his hands of the whole matter. It would’ve still been terrible but it wouldn’t have been… what I saw. And as he advanced on Valgaav with a persistent and malicious chuckle it was clear that this was no nagging chore he felt forced to complete. No he was… simply delighted.

The fight… I… can only do so much to describe it. For me it was all vigorous missed strikes from Valgaav; and explosions as the energy he was lobbing in every direction smashed pointlessly into the walls of the cavern; and always, always that damned laughter. That unsettling sound that echoed across the room, getting louder and softer as Xellos teleported closer and farther away, letting Valgaav pointlessly chase him for a time until the ancient dragon broke in frustration.

“Stop running and FIGHT!” he shouted.

He did stop running then. I wish he hadn’t. He appeared just in front of Valgaav to say, “You shouldn’t underestimate me, my friend. Despite appearances, I killed thousands of your kind in the War of the Monster’s Fall. So killing you will be no trouble at all.”

He disappeared and then…

They slid out of the walls. I’d seen one like them in the battle before, but not in this number. Black drills that reflected no light. An attack from the astral side…

…Or perhaps even Xellos himself from the astral side, as frightening as it may be to think. What I’ve thought of as Xellos is not really…

Valgaav wasn’t intimidated—then. “No, you underestimate the power I have,” he came back with, letting the blade on his sword grow.

The black cones slammed toward him, drilling through the air with deadly force. He slashed many of them aside. “I possess the power of the Demon Dragon King!” he declared, lobbing a spell at Xellos who seemed to have reappeared just to give him something to shoot at.

Of course, Xellos teleported away and left the spell to discharge with a meaningless boom.

“So is this all the power Gaav gave you?!” Xellos mocked, his voice heightening maliciously and devolving into laughter that I can only describe as… insane. Just… sadistically, brutally insane.

“Damn you!” Valgaav roared, lunging at his laughing foe with his weapon. But Xellos blocked it. He blocked the Dark Star weapons blade with his staff alone.

It seemed like there was no way Valgaav could win. He couldn’t hit Xellos—even when presented with an opportunity to do so. Instead, Xellos sniped at him from the sides with those awful spikes—stabbing into Valgaav’s arms and legs and side from every which way. Valgaav tried to match the number of spikes with the number of green energy balls he was tossing around, but…

“It doesn’t matter what you fire if you can’t hit me, Valgaav,” Xellos taunted, teleporting insultingly close to Valgaav. So close, but yet beyond his ability to hurt—then. “Conversely,” he added, disappearing only to rain another quiver of spikes down on the ancient dragon as only his voice remained to gleefully point out that: “small wounds cause great damage if you make enough of them.”

He was trying to bleed him out. Trickle by trickle. Slow and inevitable and excruciating.

Valgaav coughed up blood. He didn’t have enough strength to keep up his levitation and crashed to the ground. He tried to right himself, but only managed to lift his head slightly. “Damn you, Xellos…” he barely managed to get out, working to gather power, once again, into the hand of an arm he couldn’t even lift.

“You still don’t understand, do you?” Xellos asked, no pity for the clearly and utterly beaten as he appeared, standing just behind him. He lifted his staff deliberately over Valgaav’s arm and…

I looked away. I couldn’t watch. But I heard… I wish I hadn’t, but I did. The slam as he stabbed the staff repeatedly into Valgaav’s arm, the crunch of blood vessels collapsing and bones breaking as he twisted the end into his flesh. Valgaav’s terrible screams of pain and Xellos’s somehow more terrible burbling of amusement. This was no continuation of the fight. Valgaav was down and this dark act wasn’t targeted in a way to put him to death. This was meant specifically to cause Valgaav pain. To show him that he never could’ve fought back. For Xellos to revel in the agony. This was torture. And it went on and on.

And if it had all somehow stopped then and there then I… I wouldn’t even want to think of him anymore. I’d force myself to write it all down here so that I’d never forget but then not so much as look him in the eyes or speak the name “Xellos” ever again. Because I can’t. I just can’t. This sounds strange to say, but, in that moment, I stopped hating him. Because hate was far too… personal? I guess you could say. Hate is still something you can reach out with and I felt I could never reach out to him, even in that negative way, again. I knew then something that… well, I don’t think I ever properly understood, but the little I got of it had been degraded in all my experiences traveling along with him up until what happened in that cave: “monster” isn’t just some put-down. It’s not a name for some abstract source of disagreeableness. It’s not just “the bad.” A monster is something… unspeakable, unthinkable, incomprehensible…

But… how do I square that with what happened next?

The energy Valgaav had been trying to gather… even in the midst of Xellos’s ceaseless torment, he managed to fire it off—blindly. I didn’t really process it until it had collided with the ceiling and by then it was too late. It was right over me. And it shattered the rock formations above me into huge slabs, which gravity tossed directly at me.

I was too shaken by everything that had happened to move. All I could do was look up at the man-sized rocks sliding through the air down toward where I was standing.

It all happened so fast that it’s hard to perfectly make sense of it. Suddenly I felt myself being pushed away. An arm curled around my shoulder and suddenly the cave blinked away. There was a dark backdrop, strange lights and I felt a disorienting sense of movement for the few seconds I was gone, but then the cave reappeared. Or… I guess I reappeared in the cave.

I was far off the ground, but I didn’t realize that at the time. I was being held and my heart was beating out of control against my hand, which was clasped against my chest. I saw the staff first, grasped by the person whose arms I was being carried in. I cast my gaze to the side… Xellos.

And I can’t honestly say what my beleaguered brain managed to process in that moment. It was all too much: the terror brought about at Xellos’s hands, and now those same hands had pulled me away from certain death—had interrupted his grim task for the very purpose of saving me? I can’t even make sense of it now. Then, in that brief window of calm, all I could process was a flash of confused emotions.

So I screamed.

He in turn, now get this, dropped me.

Dropped me.


I want to make clear that this was not some sort of… spooked reaction. It’s not like he scooped me up from certain death and then was, you know, startled or something when I screeched at him. I was quite close enough to see his expression (a carefully neutral one) and he didn’t so much as flinch when I screamed.

Is that any way for a person to respond to the fact that he saved someone? Just… letting them fall?

It’s almost as though, in the midst of unspeakable evil, he caught himself doing a good deed and had to correct things by being a jerk about it.

And so I fell! Screaming towards the earth. Valgaav, injured or not, knew that you get out of the way when a golden dragon is falling directly toward you, and scuttled away. I smacked into the ground face first and what should make contact with the ground just a second before I did? One of those same black cones.

Xellos must’ve popped up again somewhere behind me (not coincidentally right after the cone had disappeared) because I heard him saying, in a rather sheepish tone I might add, “Oh well. I was trying to surprise you, Valgaav. But I guess it didn’t work, now did it?”

Now let’s just… pause. There’s more to get to, but please just stop and indulge me for a while after all I’ve been through by helping me figure out WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED IN THOSE LAST FEW MINUTES?!

This was… a very emotionally confusing set of circumstances: I’m brought to the lowest of the low concerning Xellos. I don’t even want to think of him anymore and then… he does a complete change of direction and actually saves my life. I am still reeling, trying to adjust my world-view to figure out how he can possibly have made two such morally opposite actions in the span of a few seconds or so and THEN he throws another wrench into it by dropping me. Now that looks and FEELS like a mean-spirited and childish prank.

So… we have Xellos, the complete monster; Xellos, my… hero? And Xellos the total jerk.

Honestly… amidst all of this, the last one is the one that makes the most sense to me. The other two are a source of intense discomfort even if it’s for very different reasons. But it’s no wonder I can’t keep track of things if he’s going to go around acting like three entirely different people.

…Of course, if we take Xellos’s explanation into account, that dissolves a lot of the conflict. He only picked me up to use me as a distraction against Valgaav. It wasn’t that he wanted to save my life. He only wanted to throw Valgaav off and then make one final stab at him while I had his attention.

In many ways it’s simpler to take that explanation. It’s at least consistent even if it’s consistently monstrous. If I could just… take that. Accept that… then it wouldn’t be complicated. I could just… file him away as something irredeemably and indescribably evil.

But… and please, feel free to tell me if I’m being a delusional idiot because, goodness knows, I have apparently been very delusional and idiotic about Xellos-related matters as of late, but… does that explanation make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER to anyone else?!

I mean… where to even begin? Maybe I’m not fully grasping his nefarious scheme, but how could his actions possibly work out to do what he wanted them to do? If he wanted to use that… drill attack against Valgaav, then tossing me at him along with it shouldn’t have helped at all. A distraction is meant to keep you from noticing the main attack, sure, but it’s also meant to corral your opponent to your real attack, right? As it was, it seemed like both his drill attack and me were going in the same direction and towards the same place. Even if Valgaav was more focused on me falling at him and didn’t see the drill, he still knew enough to get out of the way. No one is going to just lay there and let a dragon priestess fall on them, right? And in the act of dodging me, he also dodged Xellos’s strike. Basically, it ended up so that Xellos wasn’t so much using me as a distraction, but as a waving red flag to get out of the way.

And… what’s more… why would he even need to make a surprise attack? Valgaav was down and quite literally at his mercy (of which he has none). There’s no logical reason why he’d need to make a desperate change like that. He had the upper hand.

With this in mind… I suppose that leaves us with a few options for interpreting this event: 1. Xellos is a moron; 2. Xellos has achieved such a chess master level of brilliance that I can’t even begin to comprehend his plans; 3. Xellos had some sort of reason to save my life that he didn’t want to reveal and therefore felt the need to cover for.

I do not, admittedly, actually think that option one is true. Option two is doubtful, but there’s little I can do to unravel it if that’s the case. Option three…

He did seem rather… you know… embarrassed when he was explaining himself. I guess that’s a reasonable emotional response since his actions were so weird, but it’s kind of bizarre that, of all things, that got to him. Betray your comrades? No shame. Get caught doing so? Nothing. Save someone’s life? Now we’re getting a little self-conscious.

But I guess… well, he’s a monster. Doing something legitimately nice might be cause for him to worry.

…If he was embarrassed because he did something nice, though, does that mean he saved me because… well… he didn’t want me to die?

It sounds painfully obvious when I put it that way, but you know what I mean. Like he… had some level of regard for my life. Some feeling of…

…You know, when I swore to myself that I’d never be as stupid about him again after being let down, I didn’t mean I wanted to be even stupider about him. How can it be possible that I’ve learned so little?! How is he managing to do this to me again? After all I’ve seen?

No. I know better now. He showed in his total willingness to kill Miss Lina that he doesn’t care for any of us. Not her. Not me. I can’t trick myself into thinking that he does.

He probably just has some selfish motive for wanting me alive. Maybe something to do with the prophecy or even fusion magic. Yes… his reasoning is most likely thoroughly pragmatic. He only did the dropping ploy to cover for that fact.

…Though I don’t know why he’d bother with a cover-up at all. He shielded me from a blast on the island between Alto and Baritone and didn’t feel the need to explain himself there. He just acted all smug. I don’t know why he couldn’t have done that again if he really just wanted me alive for… later.

But… never mind that. Even if I can’t make complete sense of him saving me just because he has a purpose in mind for me later, it still makes more sense than the idea of Xellos saving me because he has some sort of… genuine attachment to me.

Because that’s just laughable. The thing I saw brutalizing Valgaav in that cave back there couldn’t even manage an emotional response as positive as… that. And certainly not for me of all people. Xellos may be full of contradictions, but that’s a big one even for him.

I… can’t fall into the trap of even considering that as a possibility. No. I’ve come so far in understanding where I went wrong—in disillusioning myself about what he is. I’m not going to undo that by being even more of a fool than I was from the start.

11:42 am.

There is still a moratorium on discussing any of the implications of the shrine of marriage’s predictions in the context of what happened with Xellos in that cave. What’s more, especially after what I’ve seen, there’s no way I could even comprehend a set of circumstances that would make that “chosen pairing” thing come to pass.

However, I feel the need to note something down here only in order to shake it out of my head so I can focus on real, important things instead of being distracted by it. So here it goes: Remember when I was talking about what I thought my soul-mate should really be like? One of the things I think I mentioned was… you know, that whole idea about someone who could “sweep you off your feet.”

…And I suppose I couldn’t help but notice that technically, back there at the cave, Xellos did

You know what? I’m sorry. I’ll just… stop now. Apparently I can’t trust my own brain anymore. Maybe I never could. This journal was supposed to be about how I saw Xellos revealed as the true monster that he is. But, in the course of trying to figure out some of the oddities of what happened, it just… went in completely the wrong direction.

I think I need to take a breather before I explain the rest. And when I come back hopefully I can stop being so… silly about everything.
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Man... *this* particular set of events. Been doing so much pouring over it for the last couple of months and now we're finally digging into it for real (well, from Filia's side at least. I did a little bit about this in a recent Xellos-centric Summer Nights oneshot).
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I so much like this chapter! Patiently waiting for the next... Your writing is so good!
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:D Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!