Premonition of a Meeting - Commission

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Dark clouds swirled around her like ribbons. Golden contrails of stars sparkled in the blackness. Iris blinked.

"Where… am I?" she said out loud.

She felt strange. It was as though none of this was real. She looked down at herself. Her bare skin shimmered as though lit from within by some sort of internal fire. She curled her toes and realized she was standing on nothing. She was beholden to a force greater than gravity, and it was gently cradling her in its invisible grasp.

A dream? Iris thought to herself. That would've explained the cosmic grandeur of it all. And yet there was something about it that felt real to her, or… if not real, then at least true. Something that went beyond the world she knew, but that most definitely existed.

She looked at her hands, pulsing slightly with that glow. She tilted her chin upwards to look at the vast beauty of space that orbited all around her. She knew she should've felt small: an insignificant speck in the midst of a universe too big to comprehend. Yet she felt that the possibilities were as boundless as the stars. She felt powerful in this place.

Iris… Champion of Unova…

The words entered her head before she could see their source. From out of the majesty of space came a massive grey-blue form. Its body had facets like a polished stone or an ice crystal. Yellow eyes that stood out in contrast to the rest of its cold form watched her carefully.

"K… Kyurem…" Iris breathed upon sighting the legendary dragon.

The beast lowered its head slightly in recognition. Dragon Master, it was saying directly into her mind, you are the one human in all the land who I trust to stand by my side. You whose strength and knowledge in the ancient ways of the dragons is second to none.

Iris floated upward so she could look the beast straight in the eye. She reached out a tentative hand and touched the dragon's brow. Its skin was cold, though not as cold as she'd been expecting.

"Is this a dream?" she asked it.

It is… a sign of things to come, the creature said.

"So… someday soon, you and I will meet? I mean, in the flesh?" Iris asked.

We will, and together we will accomplish great things.

Iris ran her hand across the jagged bridge of Kyurem's snout, barely daring to believe that she was petting a legendary dragon.

"People would always tell stories about you… to scare their children," she found herself saying. "That Kyurem will come and eat you up if you're bad. But you're not like that, are you?" She smiled, petting it. "You're kind of like a big puppy."

At first Iris thought she may have offended the fabled creature. It opened its mouth exposing a line of sharp teeth. Iris braced herself for a roar, but instead the dragon licked her hand with its oversized tongue.

Iris giggled.
A drabble about Iris bonding with Kyurem, commissioned by :iconjohnnyd2:
© 2014 - 2020 Skiyomi
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Well, that's really heartwarming. Most of time I see Kyurem being creepy, scary and evil, but here, it just makes me smile in a good way. Great work!
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Great job ^_^
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I'm glad you like it!