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[TfN] Ersie



This is a project I desperately need to get back to since, at the time, I had a crew of six and have accumulated a couple more ||'D
My goal was to draw a full-body pic of each of my nephs to show off their personality (and so that I can say that I've drawn them digitally, ahah)

You guys have seen her before, but here's my darling Ersie! She's a lighting technician in the New York-esque city of Catalis. Despite being my first character in the group, she's been quite elusive in terms of writing down info for her. Ask me her personality and backstory, and I will flubber even if all that info is in my head fljdsk
What I can tell you is that she loves fairy lights and tinkering with electronics (mostly light related tho). Her practical nature often overrides any anxiety she may feel since she's a straightforward cat who is willing to do things that "must" be done. She loves her work, and being a tech for raves is her favorite sort of gig

One day I'll remake her reference and have a better guide for her gradients because it gets me every time smh

Art and Ersie (c) SkittyKittyCat
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