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A very original title, I know ||'D

I drew this... earlier this summer I want to say? I don't draw Listra like I used to, but she's definitely still one of my "mains" when it comes to these colored rats lol
Funny thing is that the other week I came across an "ice cream shovel," and it's exactly what it sounds like—a spoon the shape of a shovel. Listra merch in the wild!! I had to get it aslkfdj It looks almost exactly the same as Listra's plain and simple shovel, hahaha

I tried a little something different with this piece by leaving "gaps" in the lineart like I do with my traditional work. See if it felt more organic and what have you... The jury's still out, but I had a nice time drawing her again!

Art and Alastrina/Listra (c) SkittyKittyCat
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nice pose glad to see you back