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A Cute Lady Approaches U for Casual Conversation



I couldn’t fit “POV” before the title ajwnxnnsns (aka POV: A Cute Lady Approaches U for Casual Conversation)

Anyway, hello! Hi! So update for you guys: I bought myself a iPad last month!!!! 👏👏👏
I’ve been practicing on it, and this is my first full digital piece using the same process as my usual digital art on my Wacom tablet (traditional sketch—>digital lines, colors, and shading)
It’s a challenge getting used to the lining and coloring process on Procreate (the stabilizer and pressure sensitivity still drives me kinda crazy), but since I really like how this piece turned out, I thought I’d post it since it’s been a while anyway o/

A nice bonus is that it’s also winter themed ahah XD I couldn’t resist designing a lil winter outfit for Bella

It’s been incredibly nice being able to pick up my iPad to sketch casually instead of spending 15-30 minutes (or more) waiting for my 10 year old laptop to load and run scans and updates before I can start up SAI. It may not sound like a lot, but I promise you that after /years/, it gets old and tiresome really quickly and was one of the major barriers stopping me from making more digital art OTL

Hopefully as I improve and get used to the process, I can post more digital art to show you guys :’3

Isabella and Art (c) SkittyKittyCat

Twitter (where I’m more active and post most of my art—traditional and digital):
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ID LOVE TO HAVE A CASUAL CONVERSATION WITH BELLA!!!!!! I ADORE her so much... I want to be her friend so bad aaaaaa bella is just so adorable omgggggg