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Haruto, the Ghost Boy by SkittyCecil Haruto, the Ghost Boy :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 0 Your Face in the Sunlight by SkittyCecil Your Face in the Sunlight :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 4 0 This Little Bird by SkittyCecil This Little Bird :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 0 Almighty God Raijin by SkittyCecil Almighty God Raijin :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 2 1 Lovely Seraphina by SkittyCecil Lovely Seraphina :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 0 The Fearsome Fire Fox of Farelyn by SkittyCecil The Fearsome Fire Fox of Farelyn :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 2 0 Farley, the Wise Gnome by SkittyCecil Farley, the Wise Gnome :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 1 That Thieving Grovyle! by SkittyCecil That Thieving Grovyle! :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 3 0 Non-aggressive Retsuko by SkittyCecil Non-aggressive Retsuko :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 4 1 Kamaji by SkittyCecil Kamaji :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 3 0 Proud of Your Boy by SkittyCecil Proud of Your Boy :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 1 The Boy With Hair Like Starlight by SkittyCecil The Boy With Hair Like Starlight :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 0 The Tail of Genji by SkittyCecil The Tail of Genji :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 4 0 Reunion by SkittyCecil Reunion :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 3 0 Unity by SkittyCecil Unity :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 2 2 Nythill by SkittyCecil Nythill :iconskittycecil:SkittyCecil 1 0


oc leila by VacilysFR oc leila :iconvacilysfr:VacilysFR 3 1
Just a message for all us kids out here and there
Reading old comments on art and stuff and beyond the slight cringy tint to them bc you were a 2014 middle-school weeb, realizing you had lots of spunk and an actual personality and love for your work and yourself and now that you're older and look back, knowing exactly how was it slowly ripped off of your soul :^))))))))))))) and wishing u could get it bacc but now u a broke dude and it will get back and better but it's gonna take long !!!
Dudeee how long had it been since an actual personal journal,,
I just want to tell you guys, especially to my young, less experienced & starting out artists, there's lots of bad people here on the internet, on real life and everywhere, really !! but please, try to don't let that kind of situations kill the parts of you the world wants you to kill. Let art, and love, and trust and confidence be part of you without having to or letting anyone make you feel guilty about it.
Speak up if you're hurt, abandon toxic relationships
:iconglitteronin:glitteronin 15 7
My Bad Day...
Sometimes I'll have days that are filled with light,
And I'll also have days are days that are not so bright...
Today however was terrible,
I felt mad and sad at the same time,
I kept yelling at everyone and it didn't feel right...
It made me feel horrible
About myself...
There comes a time in my life
Where you just don't seem to be yourself...
It almost seemed as if it was going to rain,
To wash out all of my pain...
But what helps me never works,
Sometimes I feel trapped and I don't know where to go
Or what to do...
It'a a cruel and crazy world we all live in...
It's sad but true,
I'm sad...
I love you...
And I hope I feel better soon...
:iconanivgfangirl2013:AniVGFanGirl2013 3 17
Daily Paint 2002# Sealgull by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2002# Sealgull :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,761 189 Shelter from the Rain by KJfromColors Shelter from the Rain :iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 1,277 103 Coco - doodle dump by TC-96 Coco - doodle dump :icontc-96:TC-96 5,565 670 Kitty kat uw by Akira-Devilman666 Kitty kat uw :iconakira-devilman666:Akira-Devilman666 27 7 Samson And The Seagull by mutantratz Samson And The Seagull :iconmutantratz:mutantratz 7 0 Samson And Sally Dive by mutantratz Samson And Sally Dive :iconmutantratz:mutantratz 3 0 UW nerd kitty by Akira-Devilman666 UW nerd kitty :iconakira-devilman666:Akira-Devilman666 16 1 Young Raposa by zilten Young Raposa :iconzilten:zilten 23 7
Ghost Flower
There is a white haired girl in the woods.
She's ancient and has been there for centuries even.
It is said she plays the panpipes, and invites those who wish to dance to dance with her.
But what people don't know is she will captivate you in her song...
And take your life away from you in the dead of night.
Don't go to the forest.
And stay away from where the Indian Pipes play.
And if you hear the mysterious pipes in the woods playing beats centuries old...
Do not go, turn back, and go the other way...
Least the ghostly flower maiden consumes your life tonight.
:iconlightarcindumati:LightArcIndumati 4 9
Protest and Act Now! Save Net Neutrality!

Today, DeviantArt has joined hundreds of other sites across the Web to fight for net neutrality, but we need your help!
Net neutrality protects open and equal access to the Internet. Without it, Internet Service Providers — like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon (among others) — could begin to charge extra fees, engage in economic censorship, and control what we see and do on the Web by throttling sites, apps, and other online services.
Why is this important? On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to gut the protections for net neutrality.
Call or write your Congress person and demand that they stop the FCC from gutting net neutrality. Call and write to congress.
Share messages on all of your social accounts begging people to join the protest now. There is no time to waste.(NOW OVER) Protest
:icondanlev:danlev 2,075 6,692
Laying low
Hey everyone I've been going through hard times so I decided to lay low for awhile up until new years. So you might not hear from me for awhile. I thought I give people some time to cool off from me. I'll be leaving :iconcutiesaurs:, :iconskittycecil:, :iconkoopaart10141989:, :iconjhmirda:, :iconstephanielunaverse:, and :iconsammychan816: in charge while I'm gone. If you need anything ask them.
:iconroverjohn2:RoverJohn2 2 4
2009-2017 by Kuvshinov-Ilya 2009-2017 :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 10,581 737 Lumii Refrence sheet by TeaButWithMoreMemes Lumii Refrence sheet :iconteabutwithmorememes:TeaButWithMoreMemes 1 0



Haruto, the Ghost Boy
It is said that the light of Ho-Oh can outshine any darkness.
Your Face in the Sunlight
Gee, it sure has been a while since I've done any Drawn to Life fanart! I hope this picture of a happy Mari will make up for that.
This Little Bird
Becky, the little Pikipek, hides in the bushes to avoid being seen by others. Looks like she wasn't successful this time!
Almighty God Raijin
In all of us, there is some form of goodness. And in all goodness, there is some form of Raijin.
Lovely Seraphina
Here is the lovely blue Gardevoir, Seraphina, apparently preparing for something. Could she have finally found a sweet, handsome man who respects her for who she truly is?
The Fearsome Fire Fox of Farelyn
Here is a fox character from a story I may or may not write in the future.
Farley, the Wise Gnome
To commemorate the 16th anniversary of Animal Crossing in America, I drew one of the GameCube game's most obscure characters: Farley the Gnome.
That Thieving Grovyle!
Here is Finn, the Grovyle thief! Perhaps he is hiding something behind that bush?
Non-aggressive Retsuko
Here's Retsuko, ready for a (hopefully) fun and stress-free day at work!
Sometimes when your brother is an demon and your sister is an angel, there's not much you can do except look up at the moon.
Proud of Your Boy
I drew Kurow with his father, Waka, whom I'd imagine is very proud of his son. After all, destiny is a very difficult thing to fight.
The Tail of Genji
Here is my shiny Milotic OC, Genji, swimming in the moonlit sea. What could possibly have gotten him to go to the surface?
A reunion between mother and son, both of whom have faced many perils. But it doesn't seem like a particularly joyous one, now does it? Of course they are happy to see each other, but by translating the Japanese text you will find this picture's true name.
Through time and space, life and death, water, fire, earth and sky, one thing is certain; Chibiterasu and his friends will be together forever. Nothing can ever change that.

This picture is dedicated to the memory of those who were killed today in the Madden esports tournament. My heart goes out to their friends and families, as well as the others who were injured during this terrible event.

Let one thing ring true; the actions of a single man do not define an entire group. The stereotype that all gamers are violent is incredibly wrong, and I hope that these recent events will not further cloud many people’s views on gamers as a whole.
Here is Nythill, a worshipper of the Nethereutralis.
The Almighty Nethereutralis
Here he is, the draconic deity who sits in his own dimension, silently judging the actions of mortals. He will complete three tasks for any mortal who manages to summon him, but be warned; when his end of the deal is done, he will request substantial repayment. Deny him this at your own risk.
Fabulous Ferno
Here's my fabulous shiny Braixen OC, Ferno. Is he...being somewhat serious for once?
I've drawn yet another Pokémon/Okami crossover, once again with my Ninetales OC Rokon as Amaterasu. Drawing all nine of her tails would've left the image looking cluttered, so I decided to put the quality of the drawing over the quantity of tails.
Whitney on a Beautiful Day
I decided to draw my favorite Animal Crossing wolf, Whitney!

This time, it's an AMV/tribute to The Boy and the Beast, one of my favorite non-Miyazaki anime films.


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United States
I'm just a girl who loves Studio Ghibli, Drawn to Life, Pokémon and many other things. I mainly post fanart and fanfictions of those things, so feel free to hang around if you think you might be interested.



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