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unpopular opinion but tbh i think kero the wolf is innocent. at least until proven guilty.

i looked at all the screenshots myself and a lot of them seem edited or hella sketchy, and it's kinda gross to see a community immediately turn on someone without actually looking for real proof.
then again, it's hard to get the real deal out of somebody who's been accused of stuff because 9/10, people wont listen anyway because 'they want justice'
but surprise, it's the internet. nobody takes anything for shit unless if there's sensible people in a community that guides things.

lets be real, folks. there can be a huge chance that the 'evidence' was faked. i believe pkrussl even made a video on this too.

so, long story short. kero is probably innocent, and whoever could've faked this shit deserves to go to jail for it, because doing stuff like this is actually against the law.
what the fuck is this rabiosexual shit circling around on tumblr iM  DI E
so my friend's tablet came here! but i'm having a little bit of an issue with the bamboo CTL-470??

does anybody think they could help me?

here's a copy-paste description on what's going on with my situation;
"alright so, i've been running into an issue that i've been tackling for about an hour or so now. the tablet plugs in, it turns on, however it refuses to actually connect? windows detected it perfectly fine, though. but wacom desktop center as well as preferences and utilities say that no device is connected. and i have reinstalled the proper bamboo drivers multiple times. i've also restarted services, unplugged the tablet and plugged it back in, and even tried downgrading drivers, but to no avail. i've even used different ports and it still won't connect."


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