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Wip Shrine

By skittlefuck
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Pixljuice's avatar
Great art style!
Mark188's avatar
Ok man, that's really cool! I think it's just great for a spiritual and chilling walk! Thumbs up, really like it!
jokov's avatar
looks very nice so far
perspective is messed up
and some shapes there and there but colors are really nice and details (where finished) too :)
keep it up
BizmasterStudios's avatar
This is looking awesome! Amazing textures!
ChauvinistCabbage's avatar
do you mind?? not pulling shit like this off?? when there are mortals around??? 
skittlefuck's avatar
Pshh, stoppit u :^) 
IlPizza's avatar
Wow, awesome light...
Mediocre-Mel's avatar
Gorgeous as always honestly
gaypuff's avatar
omg no what the hell. This is amazing??? Idgaf if it's not completely finished it looks fantastic.
NIW's avatar
nice dood! This looks rad!
skittlefuck's avatar
Thanks man, nice to see you're still arting :D 
Celio-Hogane's avatar
"Day 45 - Still no one noticed the stairs"


It does look good :D
dokitsu's avatar
Colors are incredible!
MetaBlueGenesis's avatar
I see what you did. :P

Of course it still looks amazing. 
skittlefuck's avatar
yea, I thought the unfinished parts were pre obvious guess not tho haha (changed the title to avoid confusion), thanks! 
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Vorchin's avatar
how is this unfinished?
Cronos-Stef's avatar
I wonder if it means that the shrine itself is unfinished.
This doesn't look like a work in progress.
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