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Next Gen Princess Line up

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My Next Gen Princess Line up.

In order from left the right: Ruby-Red (Snow White's daughter), Hope (one of Belle's oldest twin daughters), Sheila (Jasmine's daughter), Rachel (Cinderella's daughter), Blossem (Mulan's daughter), Evanna (Merida's daughter), Andrea (Anna's daughter), Melody (Ariel's daughter (as we all know)), Astrid (Elsa's daughter), Lessly (Rapunzal's daughter), Amber (Pocahontas's daughter), Emma (Tiana's daughter), Rose (Belle's other oldest twin daughter, Hope's older twin) and Dawn (Aurora's daughter).

Edit... So lol I  just realised that one of Amber's parents is wrong on this.... SHE IS NOT POCAHONTAS'S DAUGHTER.

For the Next Gen Line up contest over at :iconall-disney-princess:

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I see the Princess Astrid has red hair..... Could a certain Prince of the Southern Isles by any chance be her father?
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SkittishPandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oddly even yes a certain Prince of the Southern Isles is her father.
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msbrit90Hobbyist General Artist
These area amazing, great job Clap