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Madoka Magica Au

By Skitea
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BuzydrawingbeezNew Deviant


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AvalonRoselinArtProfessional Writer

This one is my favorite, everyone living their best lives--at least, fashion-wise!

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Kon-TenguStudent Digital Artist

Please do more magical girls of these five! I love how you mentioned maybe doing Princess Tutu (my favorite anime) and Sailor Moon. If I could I'd like to recommend a few though you some might not consider them magical girls, the My Little Pony Equestria Girls magical girl set up from the last movie, Kill la Kill, She-Ra, RWBY, and Winx Club or W.I.T.C.H

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I can feel everyone's energy in this picture, I really love it 😁😁😆💗💗
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EmpressSpaceGoatHobbyist Digital Artist


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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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minsonaStudent Digital Artist
Yyyeeeessssss!! This was my absolute favourite of the video. Your designs are just so *chefs kiss*
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The little kid in the last four images looks like they're so eager and possibly high on sugar that absolutely nothing could take them down or ruin their spirits. It's adorable.

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Wixi2000Hobbyist Digital Artist

Okay, so, I can easily blame YOU for my sudden urge to make a Madoka/MLP crossover, WHICH I'M STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT!

Seriously, after watching your speedpaint, I suddenly had this idea, and now I can't get it out of my head. Thanks.

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Midnite-WolfeStudent Artist

The concept behind the outfits and wishes are so good and *inhale* Yu is the cutest little cupid my heART-

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WolfMona134Hobbyist Artist

AAAA so good!

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SangwoooooHobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright whos gonna be the next mami
[For legal reasons thats a joke]
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Kiwi-R Artist

I LOVE their outfits! :love: :love: :love:

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sapfallHobbyist General Artist

bro this SMACKS

i love how you shade holy cow

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Amazing work.

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Gillian9813Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I saw that video your drawing style is very cute i love them all

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JollyLulu585Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh... hope you guys are full of hope are loaded with grief seeds
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Vanilla-FlowersHobbyist Digital Artist
looks amazing! love how unique each design is
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