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so manyy of her!
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cherrycreamfairy1997Hobbyist General Artist

i'm rather curious on what the main villains will be like

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Clara-SpriteHobbyist Digital Artist

oooh i really wanna make a oc for this universe so baaad!!

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CharlotteDrawzHobbyist Digital Artist


Gotta love her


She's queen

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Lolitafreak88Hobbyist Writer

Looking like the latest and greatest magical girl anime! I love her feisty expression on the right and her showing some delicate and kind-hearted care to her cat the most :)

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DieingDemonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I wanted to ask can they un-transform at will or do they gotta wait for their prisms to un-transform when they feel like doing so/and or are tired, just asking
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SkiteaStudent Filmographer

They can untransform at will! If the Prism becomes exhausted though then the transformation will be "ejected" because the Prism can't physically keep it up.

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DieingDemonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh thank you so much I had been racking my brain for weeks bout it only to think stop theorizing just ask Rea
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SkiteaStudent Filmographer

heheehe glad to help ^^

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There’s no such thing as too much of her
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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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GalaxyDream13Hobbyist General Artist

Absolute purrfection

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I'm sensing a pun but I can't piece it together right now,

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Your magical girl designs are absolutely superb! I can't wait to see more! Thumbs Up

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AnimalCrispyHobbyist Digital Artist

i adore these magical girls so fucking much you dont understand they give me a will to live

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DieingDemonHobbyist Traditional Artist

Omg i love her so much

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HunterArtistHobbyist Digital Artist

i am CRYING i love her SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

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StarGalaxy-oWoHobbyist General Artist


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Marshmallow2020Hobbyist Digital Artist

love her expressions <3

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MissMiniSenpaiStudent Digital Artist

god,, it's her--the bae

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