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Hey, folks!
For some reasons I'm not so active here now. So there is small reminder, where you also can follow me for more arts and sketches. - featured art - sketches (which not posted on DA) - почти все для русскоязычной аудитории - tradish arts and some photos - fur stuff - sketches too (but it dead now)

Also you can support me and catch some personal doodle!
Hey, folks! 
I have 2 slots for colored lineart commissions in this style: 
[comm] Rune by skitalets [comm] Last by skitalets

- One art - one char,
- Half body - 85 USD, full body - 150 USD,
- Any species and gender, nudity is acceptable,
- Simple background is included,
- Payment via paypal

If you are interested, pls note me!
It will be perfect if you have references (drawings or photos) of your character and important details. Be short.

PS: if you want colorless lineart note me too!


Цены в деревянных по текущему курсу.
При оплате на карту, готова и с удовольствием сделаю скидку!
Hey, folks! 
I open for new commissions now. 
Note me if you want to take one (or more?)

Commission info by skitalets

Contact me with description of the scene/portrait you want. It will be perfect if you have references (drawings or photos) of your character and important details. Please, be short.

Pay attention to the following.
For a complex portrait I'll send you a sketch for approval. You can make some changes in the sketch: the composition, poses, emotions of the characters. You can even add more characters or remove them, if you want. But I reserve the right to decline you commission if number of big and small changes will be more and more.
I'll continue the work only after you approve the sketch and send me payment.
I don't make any changes after approval of the sketch. So please, be attentive with it.

Payment - PayPal


About time and other. 
It may take 1-3 week or more, if it's high detailed picture. Remember about it, if you order commission as gift for someone.

I reserve the right to upload your commissions in my galleries and include them in my portfolio.


Предпочтительна оплата на карту (сбер), если у вас есть такая возможность.
Цены в рублях вы можете посчитать по текущему курсу ЦБ в любом онлайн конвертере или уточнить у меня – я не кусаюсь с: