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It's a... traditional family name?

Featured on Equestria Daily: 8/22/16
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One of my favorite, if not my favorite, one-shot MLP comics.
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You make fun of your culture Twilight? shame you.

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"Legs Twilightsfacewall?"

"Uh... yes?"

"Isn't he in prison?"

"No Twi, you're thinking of Greg Twilightsfacewall."

"Oh you're right, my bad. Hello, Legs!"
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Oops, you're busted.
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looks outside and see's a statue of thor and see's an axe on the wall.

spike's: ummm his name is thor axe 
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As it happens, there's been a comic made that makes almost precisely that same gag. :P
No, that's really his name! The Facewall family is a well-known offshoot of the Sparklefriend family. Just ask Kingsley Glittersmile Sparklefriend, he'll vouch for Legstwilights Facewall being a perfectly legitimate pony.
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oooh hello legs twilight's face wall
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Twilight lo sabe todo
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the 3rd panel got me so damn good xD 
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Lol, that was hilarious.
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Nice to meet you Legs-Twilight's face-wall! You should meet my cousin, Wings-Starlight's tail-Quill!

Oh, of course! The illustrious Legs Twilight's Face Wall! I'm already acquainted with your associates, Pea Tear Griffin and Nick Soapdish. 
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How Hasbro makes names for new ponies.

I lol'd so hard XD
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She needs to lay off Legs Twilight's Face Wall. What did he ever do to her?
Gurl, ahm bout to hide yo purple flurp behind. Askin all dem questions. Why you askin all dem questions? Just makin statements! Just assuming!....
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OK I laughed out loud at that one!
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Spike, you suck at making names. :XD:
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Smooth, Spike.  Really smoove... :)
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That's absolutely brilliant! :D
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