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This is fueled by the time I forgot my name has a "W" in it.

(Featured on Equestria Daily 5/24/15.)
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I swear I almost forgot RD lives in Ponyville, not Cloudsdale.
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and the worst pony destroys herself ha!!!
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Way to burn yourself, RD. :XD:
Come on, man, don't leave us hanging. What was the stupid thing you said because you forgot what letters were in your name?
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"I don't have any 'W's in my name."

"So it's A-n-d-r-e then?"

"...shut up."

Or something like that, my memory of it's not too grand. & I know that wasn't the exact exchange at all.

(& there really wasn't much more to say about it that I hadn't already said.)

(Though I almost didn't have any W's in my name because I was almost named "Andres", but my parents decided on "Andrew" 'cause there weren't many "Andreses" in Minnesota. There, a bonus "fun" fact.)
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Yep... I bet Gilda has a huge smirk :)
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Well, Dash does have a point, Griffinstone is the capital of the griffin kingdom, not the name of the kingdom itself! What Dash really should've said was "I mean it's not like I live in Canterlot".
BB-K's avatar
Yeap, why would you want to say she's in Griffinstone when she's a griffin too. :lol:
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, Yep remove right hoof from ground, bring up to face and place over mouth.
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
lol, insert hoof in mouth
Crashbrowns's avatar
Kinda killed the joke with the last two panels, but still very funny!
Skiskir's avatar
Well what would you put in place of the last two panels then?
Crashbrowns's avatar
I just meant that it should have ended with the fifth, maybe sixth, panel. It just drags on after that with something that doesn't really add anything. Mainly the last panel, actually. Cause it really had me cracking up, but then that kinda made me just stop laughing. It's still funny, but then after the reader already figures out the joke for themselves it's almost just like the comic says, "You see, there has just been a joke." It's something a lot of people do, and I never understand why, cause I've never really seen anyone laugh at it, personally.
Skiskir's avatar
I see where you're coming from there.
At least it didn't completely ruin the joke?
I think it's usually like that 'cause the writers of jokes are take a segment of time & are following the natural sequence of events for that joke, but sometimes they present more than what is needed to convey the humor. Occasionally to the joke's detriment.

(It does end with the sixth panel.)
Crashbrowns's avatar
I'm glad you got what I meant. I didn't think I explained what I meant very well (you explained it better than me, even). It definitely does not ruin the joke or anything, It just made me stop laughing out loud, like I said.
And yea, man. Counting, who needs that nonsense? :I five. six. they both have an "I" in them. Basically the same number.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
All griffons know is violence, I say just carpet bomb Griffonstone!
CreativeQ's avatar
😅 ohhh, nice one!
Undertaker972's avatar
haha thats just great, nice going Rainbow Dash xD
AJR001's avatar
Haha, self burn... :XD:
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