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Equal Panic

Featured on Equestria Daily 4/5/15 (which was Easter that year).
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Welp this is what I get for not making my own similar comic idea sooner!

Someone beat me to it. :D
Dammit. I guessed math teacher.
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I think this is like the 4th time I've seen this same joke today.
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Where else did you see it?
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Other comics on EQD. I was catching up on the friday - monday stuff.
Skiskir's avatar
I think being featured on EQD the day after the episode aired makes this one of the earlier ones then.
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Talk about muddying the issue with fancy mathematics... :lol:
"Confessions of a Math Addict" would be a fitting tag...
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This made me laugh.
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Quick, get the CMC down here to look for their cutie marks too! 
I thought this was a math convention
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lol that was brilliant!
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Lol, Yes that would be the cutie mark of a mathematician.
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Well, for me, the cutie mark for mathematician is plus sign, minus sign, multiplication sign, division sign and equation sign, or something with numbers.
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Please, those would be the marks of a lower-level math teacher.

A mathematician would have things like a nambla, aleph, beth, or at least an integral sign.  Perhaps a simple looking but complex to solve differential equation.
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Ah, I see. Those kind of mathematics hurt my brain a lot. Ah ha. Well, you are right. Add in integral and derivatives does indicate a high level of maths.
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i wondered about if this could of happened
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