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An Alternate Take On The Story Of ''Top Bolt''

I found a lavender color pencil.

Featured on Equestria Daily: 10/17/16
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Turns out he's just an earth pony with costume wings glued to his back. It's really a testament to Vapor's skill that she kept him from ever noticing.
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Is it wrong to hear the Goofy yell in the second panel?
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I read that "my legs" with the old man in a wheelchair's voice from Happy Wheels.
Nice comic..!
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So he is as good as an earth pony on a cloud
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Lol, that was hilarious.
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am i the only one thinking of spongebog when they read "my legs"
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I don't know but I thought of the song "Fly like you" by the Wasteland Wailers.
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I didn't know there were so many "my leg" in Spongebob.
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yep you see it now right?
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Oh, ah think ah can help. Hehehe... >8)
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really clever! well done mate, well done!
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Hehehehe, I like it.
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Looks like Sky Stinger's ill wind was ironically no wind at all... :XD:
Well now we all know who the pony is whose wings fell off...   XD
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Alright, that was hilarious.
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"Captain, I do not believe you understand the gravity of the situation."
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