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I apologize if anybody is sick of waiting on comic pages or if you're a Patron and experiencing some significant delays with any rewards. I wasn't sure if I should update here on DA because it's unlikely anybody notices my failure to produce certain things as timely as I'd like. I just don’t want to leave anyone in the dark.

I know folks don't expect or necessarily require me to divulge every detail of my life, but I feel a need for some transparency- my biggest fear is letting people down and I'd hate to come across as lazy or uncaring.

Some family stuff came up and it's thrown me for a loop. It was finally safe to travel home to be with my parents (we're all vaccinated, so no worries) so I'm feeling a little less dread- but the drive was long and exhausting and there's a lot up in the air right now. The lack of control is frightening at times.

I just hope I haven't let anyone down. I'm trying my best to stay on top of everything, namely the things I have promised, and I apologize for my selfishness in drawing for myself this last week. I needed to detach from reality I guess, I don't know. I feel bad either way.

I've brought my computer and limited shop stock to continue work while I'm here and have down time.

Thank you for your understanding, and again, I'm really sorry.

Wishing you good health and a Happy Easter


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Hahaha, new stickers are here!


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"This will never go out of style!" - team

Pumpkin Spice Squirtle
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The mumblings began in 4th grade, 1998. People were pulling cards out of their pockets. It soon turned into chatter about a new cartoon everyone had been watching before school. Finally, all the kids had their Gameboy out at recess. It was a total takeover.


The jungle gyms and tire swings had been completely abandoned. Now, filling up the basketball court, the entire elementary school gathered. It was a convention, if anything. My first! I experienced a whirlwind of hungry interest, trying to find out more about this new playground obsession. People were standing on benches, shouting out what cards they had to trade, like a stock market businessman. Others sat and hugged their Pikachu plushies and shook their Pikachu giga pets. In another corner, cords dangling between their chunky Gameboys, kids traded their digital creatures.


Teachers were horrified. What had happened to the children?? Ah, but they simply didn't understand. This was a revolutionary moment for most of us. This franchise would become a lifelong friend to many. I for one, was completely engulfed.

Each morning I'd whip up a bowl of Dinosaur Egg Quaker Oatmeal and plop down in front of the television. Poke'mon Indigo League would begin. It was my biggest motivator for crawling out of my bed. The first few synth beats of that opening song, with little Mew gliding across the screen...such a blissful feeling! I later acquired the sought after VHS tapes so I could re watch them over and over again. I even used my moms stereo to record the S.S Anne episodes on a cassette tape, which I'd listen to on my Walkman during the bus ride to school.


There were MANY toys. I would excitedly scour the Toys R Us aisles, anticipating the red packaging to grace my eyes.


No place was left untouched. Fast food joints were now coveted sanctuaries in which children could gather and trade cards and toys.

Hqdefault (1)

In an attempt to coax me into doing my homework, something I did not enjoy doing in the slightest, my parents would treat me to a Burger King Kids meal. In hindsight, this is likely questionable, but boy was I pleased about it! (I mean hey, it worked)

They later began rewarding passing test grades with these bad boys:


I'm sure it goes without saying, but I logged a great many hours into the games as well (and continue to do so every few years)


These games were a virtual escape. A kind of emersion I hadn't quite felt before. It really did seem like I was on a grand adventure with my little pals. They were with me on every single road trip. Likely a blessing to my parents, as I never once asked, 'Are we there yet?!' I was completely content sitting in the back seat with my Gameboy and my lime green RCA blasting 2.B.A Master. So long as I had spare batteries...


Poke'mon was a powerful deluge that swept away an entire generation of kids in the 90's, much to the aggravation of our parents, teachers, and a LOT of religious conspiracy theorists.

It remains one of Nintendo's most iconic titans and continues to charm to this day. My generation is now sharing it with their children, and frankly, I think that's beautiful. It will remain such a pleasant memory for me; a childhood full of Pocket Monsters. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been there when it all started- it was truly a phenomenon. (Phenome'Mon?)

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