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"Poor creature. You would throw away hope. Well...I will free you before you can drown in your sorrow"


This, to me, is the most pivotal, heart wrenching, and exciting moment in Final Fantasy X. Yuna set forth on a pilgrimage to relieve the world of Sin, in the footsteps of her late father. Upon hearing the requirements to initiate the Final Summoning, Yuna doesn't hesitate. She refuses Yunalesca and disobeys tradition. She was so utterly selfless and had made peace with sacrificing her own life for the world, but to give up the life of a friend was unacceptable if it meant Sin would always come back, again and again- and this is where she changed her fate forever. She chose the path of no return and boldly stepped forward into the unknown. 

This scene just before the battle always hits me hard- it's so powerful! It's definitely my favorite moment in the game. Plus, all of Yunalesca's forms are AWESOME. So I wanted to portray at least 2 of them here.

This is the most ambitious piece I've done in a while, but this game means so much to me, especially the scene with this character. I wanted to pour every bit I had into it.

Thank you so much to my Patron Alan for commissioning this! It was an absolute pleasure!


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"Fa ryja hu haat vun vymca kutc!"

Gorgeous work. You've got really impressive way with hand gestures in particular.

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holy crap! it looks like so much work went into this one! I love! the slight glow tothe center character is great and uhhhggg I always struggle to layer because i ...i don't want to cover any of my work >.< I hope I will pass this fear someday!

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I will say though that I am a bit curious as to what the characters would have looked like as the Final Summon.

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love this, final fantasy 10 is one of my faves!
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This is really a great masterpiece here :love: 
And you're so right about Yuna, it was an amazing scene !
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Yuna is one of the best female characters for that reason Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
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have you ever try making a more game cover or art

 you really amazing as in wow 

Will you make this available for purchase as a print?

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Yea! I'll be ordering some fairly soon!

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Great job drawing her^^ From the pose to the coloring to the lighting & shading~
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Ah, the memories of juggling zombified party members to evade Megadeath while still keeping HP up.
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Me not seeing the title yet: "The lack of clothing looks familiar. Must be Yunalesca" XD

Great job with the artwork! ^^

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Excellent work. Well done.
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Good morning, Super Epic!!!!!.
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Wow! The composition and perspectives on this piece are top-notch! I love it!
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What a boss she was.
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Too awesome *-*

I can't find a link to your Discord :'(
Skirtzzz's avatar

Ah, well, I've got it for my $5+ Patrons! That's the only one I have :0 (unless that is what you are referring to?)

LastMinuteReplicas's avatar
I didn't know it was only for Patrons, it wasn't clear in the description "To support my artwork, take part in my Discord" :P
Skirtzzz's avatar

Yea, I'm implying there that the supporting aspect and Discord are both benefits of becoming a patron.

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I understand, thanks for the answer !
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