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Warrior Daisy

Things are heating up, but Daisy isn't one to back down. Instead she takes a big bite out of her Maxim Tomato and prepares to dole out some more burns with her Fire Bar.

I like to try and make Peach and Daisy match, but give them their differentiating 'girly' and 'tomboyish' details. They are uniquely different gals (or so I think!). Again, I drew inspiration from her Strikers armor. 

Warrior Peach by Skirtzzz Warrior Rosalina by Skirtzzz

Gunner Daisy by Skirtzzz Thief Daisy by Skirtzzz

This series was commissioned by gcGreengrass 


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but Kirby needs that

h e l p
Fistron's avatar
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Thank ya kindly!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Now she will fight the Koopa Troop together.
NODOGAN's avatar
that's one heck of clever design for a fire-sword XD
Skirtzzz's avatar
Ahaa, yea!! It's in the New Smash Bros WiiU!! It's so rad XD
SPIRITRAY76's avatar
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Thanks a lot! :'D
Rallyguy33's avatar
Oh man this one is great. Love her sword!
Skirtzzz's avatar
Eep, thank you! <3
HelloAxi's avatar
Dude these are rad, man. this is my favorite. props
Skirtzzz's avatar
Oh my goodness- so glad to hear that! Thanks a ton!! :heart:
XxIcyMizuxX's avatar
I think kirby is mad right now XD
Also this is beautiful piece!!
Skirtzzz's avatar
Haha- perhaps she's facing off with him on a Smash Bros stage as we speak! XD
Thank you so much!!
Foxx1042's avatar
What kind of sword is that? And how does it work.
Skirtzzz's avatar
It's a fire ball sword- it's in the new Smash Bros U. It works just like the fire bars from the Mario games.
Skirtzzz's avatar
Thanks so much!!! :'D
dogdragon's avatar
KERBOW-eautiful! So excellent work!
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