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Trust the Fungus

Time for a nostalgia trip!!!!

Princess Daisy from 
Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Commissioned by the SMB Movie Archive


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I actually LOVE Super Mario Bros. The Movie (1993)
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La la la la Heart 
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I've never seen fan art of that movie, let along so cute.
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Oh how gorgeous! *.*
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Eep, thank you so much!!! :heart::heart::heart:
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I really like this movie. I even recently bought a copy of the soundtrack.
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It sure is. What did you think of the soundtrack? Do you have a favorite track?
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I'm not very familiar with it, honestly! I haven't sat down to rewatch the film in a long time! However, I have a ton of fun nostalgia for the visuals and story!
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She looks like the girl from the movie Chicago
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sooo freaking gorgeous as usual!
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Awh, thank you!! :heart:
thinking about it now this is the only time as well as the only incarnation the princess daisy was given a serious roll and not a constant side charaecter in this movie
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Yea, apart from her standalone DS game, this is about it, haha!
Actually I meant to say princess daisy not sure why I put peach what are your thoughts on daisy being the main character for ounce even though it was just in this movie
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Oooh, that makes more sense! Yea, the movie is definitely the only lead role in anything that character has been given- spare the OOOOLD gameboy game Super Mario Land- but man, that was so long ago!!! D;
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ahh it's gorgeous!
I love the gradient of the dress and they way you drew the lips and hair is just extravagant~
I was wondering if you're planing to make this a print?
Would love to own one for sure~ OwO 
Skirtzzz's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :'0 :heart:
I wasn't really planning on it but I can definitely get you a custom print of it!
Just toss me an e-mail to and we can figure somethin out!
salyssong's avatar
The title reminds me of this:…
But not Sucy!
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Your artwork is so beautiful. O.O
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Eep, thank you so much! :'0 :heart::heart::heart:
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I knew that. My folks got the movie for my bro and I remember watching it. So cool how you did that.
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