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Tifa in Blue

EDIT: Made some adjustments to Tifa last night. I wanted her to be smiling- made her arm longer/changed her resting hand, and lengthened her legs- Totally redid the hair as well. I think it feels more like her now!
Ordered a bunch of prints of her and Aerith for con season but I'll be updating my shop with them near the end of the month!

I have been aching to draw some FF7 fan art lately- and she just means so much to me! I can't wait to see her again soon!
Tifa in her blue Wallmarket attire. 

Here is the Aerith Partner piece!

Aerith in Red by Skirtzzz


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She looks so sexy!

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This so beautiful see her in the Moonlight just so lovely

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Lovely piece of my favorite FF VII lady! Tifa looks so lovely in your style and I love that you drew her in her classic wallmarket dressHeart ! And while the background is simple it invokes a very sensual mood of lost deep in thought, overall I really like this piece! 
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I think it looks great! :D
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She's so so beautiful the way you draw Tifa like this~
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Nice legs, Tifa has, here!
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You can see more of your linework with the adjustments, so I think that's good. :)

Nice piece.
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Thank you!! Yea!! I really felt like I obstructed most of it, and tbh, my work kinda survives by the line work, so I tried to decongest the lighting!! I'm glad you can see the difference!!!

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Yeah I've had that happen in a few darker/nighttime pieces too. You did a good job balancing the tone with the ability to see your lines.

Speaking of your lines I really like your work, and was wondering if you had any pieces that I could color? Sorry if you've mentioned whether you're up for collaboration before, my memory is kind of woobly sometimes.
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Aw, thanks!!!

Ah, yea, is there a piece you'd like in particular to color? Aside from commission stuff- I can upload my lines to stash and link you.

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I looked through your gallery again and the color me fairy actually looks like a great pick. ^_^ would it be possible to get a higher resolution of her though? (I'll be printing her out and using my markers)
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Sweet, thanks. I'll @ you when its done. ^_^
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Goodness... I love you and I love your art - Tifa looks amazing :heart:
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What do you use tech and software wise?
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Wacom Intuos 4 and PS CC

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I misread that as "in her blue Walmart attire" and now I want a FF7 retail worker AU. 
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Fly me to the moon and will play among the stars 
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