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Tidus, the boyfriend that will always make you laugh and protect you til' the very end!

A redraw of an OLD pic I did of them in college. Been watching a speedrun of the game and wanted to draw my favorite couple from my favorite FF.


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Do one of cloud with tifa and aerith

OMG I'm just playing this game. I've finished other ff's before, but this one has the most epic cutscenes in my opinion. God! The kiss scene between Yuna and Tidus gave me goose bumps.

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Adorable. Well done.

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My favourite game ever!

Also, people say the VA for yuna is bad but I love it tbh! She the best!

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I adore her!!!

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It's very cute. :D

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Super cute. 🥰


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Really good work here

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They are really underrated. Great picture. loved that game with all my heart <3

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They're my favourite couple too; your drawing captures their vibes perfectly!

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Awww looks cute, nice work!;)

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My favorite FF. The ending made me cry when I first played when I was a teen.

Sad what SquareEnix did to Tidus and Yuna in the 30 minute audio that was included with X/X-2 HD

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HA! Tidus makes me laugh here. He looks more like a dude* here. :)

* "He's not a dude. *You're* a dude. This...this is a man." -Drax, "Infinity War."

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Wonderful job~!

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the very title makes my heart flutter

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Oh, thank you so much for making this.

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Of course!! You know I had to! They are the cutest T.T

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Tidus taught us to laugh like no one was watching while all your friend think you lost your mind. I never see enough cute Tidus and Yuna stuff, warms the heart.

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Right?? I would want Tidus with me on a journey like that- I'd be laughing so much! He's so sweet T.T

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