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The Summoner

Yuna! I wanted to redraw this older piece I tried a few years ago. It just did not look the way I wanted- I was in a weird 'testing new style choices' stage and it shows...ha!
Anyway, I feel like I achieved what I had in mind finally!! I hope you all like it as well!

Old version:

Yuna by Skirtzzz

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I love getting to see any kind of draw this agains! Beautiful work, and wonderful improvement!

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Just as mystical, enchanting, and at one with nature and the world around her as the first Yuna piece was. Love the motion and power captured here.

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This is sooo amazing!! ❤️
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Whelp, this is truly magnificent!! WOW!

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So majestic and pretty! Gewd job!!!! :D
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Gorgeous work, well done :love:

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On all my playthroughs of X, Yuna always ends up a Goddess of Death effectively one-shotting any enemy that isn't Jecht.

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this is amazing!

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Awsome work! I love the amazing water color. Keep up the good work 👍
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So lovely! I loved the first rendition, but this one really captures the feel and aesthetic from the game!

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Awesome work, on the Summoner.

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Is this inspired by that scene when she was doing the ritual over the water (forgot what it was actually called :slow: ). If so, that was one of my favorite scenes of the game. To be fair, I didn't see super far in the story (less than half-way), but it was definitely a beautiful scene. Thanks for sharing bud :) :hug: .

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Hes abilities on dissidia is amazing.

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