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After walking around the entire world for however the hell long, Selphie probably has cute tan lines...I DUNNO.


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Very beautiful drawing, I love it.
It deserve DD.
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Aww, you're so sweet, thank you!
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Selphie is somewhere in the top 5 of FF girls for me. Thanks for drawing her with cute tanlines
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Yay!! Of course! I love her too, she's so adorable!
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U show that humans are Just as cute as animals X)
Tanoko's avatar
Omg such an adorable piece of SelphieTomoyo Blushing Icon! Love the subtle tan lines they are very cute :) ! Once again love the artstyle! 
Skirtzzz's avatar
Aw, that really means a lot, thank you! :'D
Tanoko's avatar
No Problem! Its a very cute piece!:) (Smile) 
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The only character I truly care about seeing in KH3.
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Those eyes are to breathtaking I love it.
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Awh, thank you!!! :heart:
Maggy-mitchi's avatar
So sweet !! (she was my first cosplay !!)
Skirtzzz's avatar
Aw, thanks!
and that's so awesome!!! :heart:
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Yaaaaay, Selphie 8D
She's such an underrated FF cutie ^3^
Skirtzzz's avatar
True factssss!!
LukeTheRipper's avatar
She became an instant fav right from the first cutscene, and it only got better from there ^^
Her airship takeoff scene is also one of my favourites from the entire series ^^
Skirtzzz's avatar
YESSSSS, for sure!!!! :heart:
DeadlyCookie98's avatar
I didn't even notice the tanlines at first I was completely stuck on her eyes xD.
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I love how you put in the tan lines in there.  It's cute and a very nice humanizing touch. 
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