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My first Princess Mononoke piece! 


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Wow, San looks amazing in your art style! Sure, she's more of a strong and fierce character in the movie, but this beautiful drawing really brings out her more sweeter side. Excellent work on this one!

Would you ever do a drawing of Haru from The Cat Returns? Haru is from my favourite Studio Ghibli movie and is voiced by my favourite actress and it would be so awesome to see her in your beautiful art style, either in human form or cat form.
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Thanks a lot!
I like Haru too, yea! Eventually it'd be fun to illustrate all the leading ladies of Ghibli in this style- maybe one day!
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That would be awesome if you did! Studio Ghibli's amazing characters in your beautiful art style would be amazing to see.
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She looks so serene in this picture

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Just as I was going trough a Ghibli marathon !

She looks a bit more peaceful than in the movie tho, haha, but so pretty and charming !

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Let's just say Mononoke didn't hit me in a loving spot. It was a bit long and bit too much blood. I will say I did like it more than Grave of fireflies.

I put it in the category with Marnie and me. It entertained me for that time, but it wasn't my favorite film.

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Beautiful and inspiring!

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Aw gosh, thank you! :heart:
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This is so gorgeous :love:

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Oh my goodness, thank you!!! :heart:
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This is one of my favorite movies and I LOVE THIS! The puppies! Wonderful job!
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Aww gosh- thank you!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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My pleasure! :love:

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I love my bookmark with this on it. :heart:
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A wonderful piece. Very nicely done, and I like how her "brothers" are little pups here. :)

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Hehe, thank you kindly!!!! :'D
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I love this!! It's very pretty and the wolf pups are adorable! 
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Thank you kindly!! :heart:
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