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She'll steal your heart!


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tomytieneblas74's avatar
Her expression tho. :D
Zerrbild's avatar
What a cheerful looking Rikku.Looking at this makes me feel happy too.
OptimisticEgg's avatar
This looks amazing! I love her smile <3 Your characters have so much personality despite it just being a picture!
Neumatic's avatar
Dat smile!  And fantastic work on her scarf.
DeadCobra's avatar
She is such a sweet girl with such a sweet body  :lovelyeyes: 
spikethehated1's avatar
Urgh! Her smile! She's too pure for this world.
Love your draw!
Oh nice work!

I am one of the folks who didn't liike her x2 redesign. (I love engineer look she had in X). But this is just fantastic. I love her hair, scarf and the belt pouch details
KentoBento13's avatar
douzocosplay's avatar
She's so happy! Love all the colors <3 
LordAkiyama's avatar

There's nothing quite like Rikku's bubbly personality. Very nicely done.

FallenAngelGM's avatar
PsychoInABox's avatar
Haha I'm replaying this RIGHT NOW. Actually was playing it all night and didn't sleep. x_x Love how you drew her <3
shadowrikkunight's avatar
omg is so cute! i love her grin. really shows how playful she gets. 
Jetvoidfox96's avatar
Centaurus09's avatar
Her right arm sort of disappears, except for part of a sleeve.  Maybe a glimpse of some fingers?
Skirtzzz's avatar

Yea, I'll give her an arm later- too busy and tired, but at least she has a torso now, haha

StaticBat83's avatar
My favorite character from the games.
DogmaticKerr's avatar
Oh goondess, Rikku... yeah she will :heart: And so will you, you amazing woman :worship:
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
Look at how she glows! Ah, Rikku is great.
DatToffer's avatar
jg-Shadow's avatar
She looks even better with your updated artwork! :D
thejimmyjames's avatar
Yaaahhh!! Super cute!!
Rallyguy33's avatar
Awww! She came out looking great in your style. You do the Final Fantasy girls so well!
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