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Raver Tiana

Finally, off of work and ready to party! Tiana's been looking forward to checking out Club Bayou all week- apparently they have a real alligator there...???

Here's the old version:

Raver Tiana by Skirtzzz

:star: See the entire raver series here!

Series theme commissioned by Tammohawk
Outfit design by me!

You're more than welcome to cosplay this! Just be sure to share photos with me so I can see! :heart:


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As I may have said before Fanservice is a double edged sword for me, in this case I understand the intention is to evoke beauty and not practicality and so knowing that I do not mind the clear fanservice. In fact I think it's beautiful because that's exactly as it is presented, your style has always enthralled me and what has always pleased me to see is the substance of the subject is what is given attention and the subject in this is absolutely beautiful. I loved the movie, I love the character and I see both presented here just beautifully.

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How was this not already in my favorites? Love it!
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Fun Piece. I like it.
Wow, it's interesting going back and forth between the two versions- I can definitely see the improvement in some places, like her face. I see her eyes moved more towards the center, and her lips looked more natural. The lips of your characters are one of the more distinctive traits (it's the dead giveaway when someone is trying to copycat your style), and I find you've gotten a LITTLE less stylized over the years, but I definitely prefer it here.
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Now I need to memorize all of your art pieces from this series to know exactly what you are changing! XD
Tiana always was my favourite so... she's even pretttier now. I love this whole rave concept <3
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Thank you so much!!!! :love: Heeeh! I suppose I could stash the old version and link it in the description like I did with my recent Anna piece!

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That's a really good idea, but only if you don't mind taking up stash space by this >wO
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Aw ! I love Tiana !! Love the concept, even though I've never been to a rave myselfLOL
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So beautiful, love her. :D
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Aw, thank you!! :heart:
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She deserves a break every once in a while. ^^
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Wowww. The detail on this is fantastic! I really love the water lilies!Love 
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Awh, thank you kindly!! :heart:
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You're very welcome!:D Nice touches with the sheer fabric too. Kind of reminds me of the billowy skirts of flapper dresses ;p
<3 absolutely love your artwork 
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Ommigoodness, thank you SO much! :hug:
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The light up sketchers and the flowers - yaaaass!
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