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Raver Mulan

By Skirtzzz
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DJ RefleXtion, better known as Mulan (or Ping, for some...) is taking the night off to try spinning over at Club Renaissance- where the most well known DJs drop the best beats! -and oh my goodness! Is that Ariel and Belle over there dancing!? This place is nuts! Mulan is pretty nervous, but she's got her Cri-Kee charm and lucky knot with her! So! Here goes...!

Here's the old version:

Raver Mulan Original by Skirtzzz

:star: See the entire raver series here!

Series theme commissioned by Tammohawk
Outfit design by me!

You're more than welcome to cosplay this! Just be sure to share photos with me so I can see! :heart:


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Draw Raver Mulan doing this pose

PrincessFight's avatar

L would like to see other poses by Raver Mulan

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mulan looks cute and sexy as a raver

MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

Just realized I have a knot just like that! The cri-kee charm is too cute <3

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So far this one may be my favourite, there has always been a strength to the character of Mulan and that strength is just as clear here in the design. Practicality seems to play it's hand here and I love how it looks both beautiful whilst keeping the badass undertone which I always love. It's my bias, I love it when characters are badass and beautiful at the same time with neither side coming at expense of the other. That's what I see here.

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This another great rework. Love it.
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YES! The Mulan-Raver is my #1 Favorite. I love that S-curve of the original. It appeared like a still shot of her busting some serious moves as the bass is bumping out of the head-set. Which is still captured in this Edited version. Just totally awesome. Love It! 
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your totally rock out the Disney princess in your style my dear. i bow to your superior art skills.

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She's beauty, she's grace, mess with her and she'll kick you in the face.
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Really loving the updates on these illustrations.
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I've seen this fan art pic of Mulan before on another site. Finally, I found the source.
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Cool look for her ;) :D
mantisngo2468's avatar

Daaaw! Mulan Looks So Adorable As A Raver!

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Though I noticed that her hair here is weirdly brown XD I think this is my favourite in this series. The fluidity is just .. just WOW.
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I used a black palette for the hair- the highlights are a little warmer though- and thank you!
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I love your art! <3
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