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Raver Meg

By Skirtzzz
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For years, Club Olympus and Club Underworld have been competing with each other. Meg finds herself torn on which she prefers, but she really digs the macabre elements of DJ Hades deadly beats. 

Here's the old version:

Raver Meg  by Skirtzzz

:star: See the entire raver series here!

Series theme commissioned by Tammohawk
Outfit design by me!

You're more than welcome to cosplay this! Just be sure to share photos with me so I can see! :heart:


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LadyJupiter1995's avatar

First off, I love this so much. Secondly (and feel free to say no), but would it be okay if we do cosplays of these?

Skirtzzz's avatar

Thank you!!!

Also ommigosh, of course! I'd love to see photos!!!

sweetchai's avatar

I love this version of Meg. I just bought one of your prints of her, and I keep it on my desk for inspiration. I don't draw as much as I used to, but every time I look at your print it inspires me to keep at it. Thank you so much. It is a bright spot in this otherwise dreary year. It's the little things that keep us going sometimes.

Skirtzzz's avatar

Hey!! Gosh- thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this! It means more than I can properly express! You're so sweet! :heart:

Foxy-Knight's avatar

Okay the techno goth look has me hooked and the whole underworld raver attire works wonders here, in my last one I said sometimes less is more but in this case the reverse is true here. Techno goth thrives on the extra and in your style the character of Megera looks extra dynamic.

DivineKitten's avatar
Mulan has been my favourite for years, but with this edit I think she might be replaced, this is perfect!
GhostShell5's avatar
Love the black ribbons in her her and the goggles. Also the tattoo of Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion is great.
Risto-licious's avatar
"DJ Hades deadly beats" slayed me, mwahahar! I really love all these lineups you're doing! Meg is one of my favorite Disney ladies and as always you've captured her so well!
Skirtzzz's avatar

Heehee! ;P Thank you so much!!! :heart:

SavageFrog's avatar
Love the darker purples in the updated version. It screams "Meg". :giggle:
TioRaul's avatar
Nicely done! Dude. Those big stompin' boots are totally narley. So cool.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar

The tattoo is excellent.


Darianblood's avatar
I think this is my favorite Raver Disney girl yet!
blueRepees74's avatar
The Greek gods would make an awesome rave imagine Zeus making a light show
calamity-casey's avatar
Kinda liked the original top better but otherwise a very nice improvement
PROtypeM3X's avatar

This design is gorgeous!

musichaert's avatar
Dude that’s so cool! I love it!
leocat777's avatar

better on second edit, awesome!

Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
Kainless's avatar
Sugar-Loop's avatar

Love it! The mesh is an awesome addition and I like the tattoo

Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
Gosh she looks so epic! 
Atticustm1's avatar

love those boots.

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