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Raver Jasmine

It's a wild night down in the underground nightclub, Cave of Wonders. Everything is painted in gold and the rooms are decorated with ornate rugs! DJ Rajah is on and playing the best hits throughout all of Agrabah! Jasmine hits the dance floor ready to wash away a stressful day full of pompous suitors and viziers. 

How she hides her new sleeve is beyond me, but I wanted at least one princess in this series to have some tattoos! I went with a rich, warm mural of blues, purples, and reds; showcasing the golden scarab, Cave of Wonders, and a shiny eyed Abu! 

Here's the old version:

Raver Jasmine by Skirtzzz

:star: See the entire raver series here!

Series theme commissioned by Tammohawk
Outfit design by me!

You're more than welcome to cosplay this! Just be sure to share photos with me so I can see! :heart:


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Well this is just divine, the whole Raver series is to me a showcase of your style and talent to take a character out of their setting and put them in something contemporary and yet still keep the character true to themself and their spirit. This is Jasmine from the Alladin series, nothing about this tells me otherwise and that is in part of what addicts me to your art.

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I love the original face due to it's capture of Middle-Eastern features. The rework is definitely very good. But what still blows my mind is her Awesome sleeve tattoo! So much awesomeness!  
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Make up, that’s how she hides her arm sleeve tattoo
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Love the ink and the lamp charm bracelet. Well done.
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Why do you rework your drawings when you can make new ones? XD 

Can we see the old one?
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Read the artist comments.

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I didn't see it there ^^'' sorry.

Also I liked her nose in the previous one; more arabic. other than that, the proportions improved like hell!
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Damn, that is one killer tattoo, Jasmine! :D
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Your design is really cool! <3
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Oh yeah, Genie, play some music!
ninllot's avatar
¿donde estan elena y sofia?
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Whoa! Nice pose! She look fantastic and beautiful at the same time. Jasmine's my favorite and I love the way you drew her!
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I'm really happy you like it! Thank you!!
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Jasmine I could def' see getting into raving.
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Cool tattoo,I love the colors you chose Skitzzzz
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Aw, thank you kindly! :heart:
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I like the design style for this one. Very nicely done.
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So glad!! Thank you kindly! :heart:
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