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Princess Peach for Getting Started!

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© 2020 Skirtzzz
This is what I drew for DeviantArt’s Getting StARTed series!

Learn more here! AND WATCH ME DRAW THIS!!!!!! There's a video!

Getting StARTed with Art PromptsLooking for inspiration?Every artist can relate to hitting a creative block, but sometimes all it takes to break it is some simple inspiration. To help, we created Getting StARTed, a video series designed to inspire anyone looking to kickstart their artistic journey.Check out the Getting StARTed videos for prompts to get your own art started! Get to drawing and submit your illustration with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to earn a brand-new Profile badge!Follow these easy steps to enter:Watch: View the featured videos and discover the latest prompts.Make: Create art based on the prompt you choose in whatever format you desire.Submit: Upload your art to DeviantArt with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to get the badge!Want the extra challenge? Submit drawings for all 10 videos – we will be updating this journal for the next three weeks.Check out these prompts!Watch these videos from @IsiahXBradley, @Skirtzzz, and @MartinWongPhoto, and pick your prompt!Example ArtCheck out these submissions from your fellow deviants and members of the DA Staff!Your ThoughtsAnswer in the comments below.How do you deal with creative block?How do you decide what you want to draw?Tag a deviant you want to encourage to get started!

Ok, now it's your turn to draw a princess! I'm sure you'll do much better than me, not having people asking you questions or having to use a Sharpie, lol. GOOD LUCK. Be sure to tag your drawing with #DAGettingStARTed
You'll get a really cute badge if you do :dance:


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kB-GamerArtistStudent Digital Artist

super cute peach! I saw the video and honestly it gave me a grate excuse to draw princess peach, this was inspired by ur drawing. I hope u like it^^

princess Peach Drawing
RainbowRaveHappyAppy's avatar
RainbowRaveHappyAppyHobbyist General Artist

i love your princess peach sharpie drawing. i chose your princess prompt for the #DAGettingStARTed event on here. i liked your video btw! here is my drawing based on the princess prompt:

Feebee(The Puuurfect Princess)-#DAGettingStARTed
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Kyper-SpaceHobbyist Digital Artist

*finishes drawing* hmm


Skirtzzz's avatar
SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist


Gurdim's avatar

Ok I've just seen that video, and it was the funniest most relatable thing I've seen in a while xD

Skirtzzz's avatar
SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist

Awhahaa thank you!!!!

SuperMarioFan65's avatar
SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist

I love her.

M00rthy's avatar
M00rthyHobbyist General Artist

it looks like she's hiding something, pretty cute artwork tbh I like it :)

Drache-Lehre's avatar
Drache-LehreHobbyist General Artist

Thank you for the video; I can honestly say; you know how to keep one's attention. You made me laugh for sure xD. You was cute and fun. Do hope you enjoy your life; whatever is left since you know, being 'dead soon' and all. :nana:

Skirtzzz's avatar
SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist

Hahah aww, well thank you kindly!!! ;P

Drache-Lehre's avatar
Drache-LehreHobbyist General Artist

You are most welcome. X3

soulSmith1's avatar
soulSmith1Student General Artist
Saw the vid. Amazing stuff
Jetvoidfox96's avatar
Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
Burscutum's avatar

"I'm 30, if you couldn't tell...I'll be dead soon" was both unexpected and relatable. It made me laugh

Skirtzzz's avatar
SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist

Ehhhehehe XD

SavageFrog's avatar
SavageFrogHobbyist General Artist

Lemme try find my sharpies XD

LadybelleofPemberley's avatar
LadybelleofPemberleyHobbyist Filmographer

One of my favorite video game princesses she’s so cute! 😍 love her expression Peach Animated icon

FallenAngelGM's avatar
FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer

Pretty cute!

AnonTheDarkOne's avatar
AnonTheDarkOneHobbyist Digital Artist

This is adorable :). This is a neat idea that dA is doing. We both know I suffer from artist block XD. Will probably try this out pretty soon, thanks for sharing :D .

Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
Sunstar-Of-The-NorthHobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh cool! I would join but I'm busy with irl stuff right now. ^^;

MattInRealLife's avatar
MattInRealLifeHobbyist Photographer

You did this in like five minutes with only sharpies and it's still incredible!

MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

for sharpie art that's impressive...even though I was surprised to see this in my feed hehe

Skirtzzz's avatar
SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist

Ohh trust me, I know this is a terrible drawing- but it was a fun thing we did with DA so whatever haha

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