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Mother of the Northern West

My original piece for the month is another more personal tribute of sorts. A somewhat localized Mother Nature concept.

I'm very fond of where I live, which is the Northern Idaho panhandle. I grew up here, left for college, and came crawling right back, starving for its peaceful comforts, slow paced life, and quiet tendencies. Northern Idaho, mostly a quick pass through for those making their way to Washington or Montana, or perhaps en route to the border to Canada- but as small and insignificant my county may seem, it's truly my favorite place on Earth. It's fraught with the most nostalgic and spellbinding memories for me. I spent the best days of my childhood outside on the prairie or at the lake, enjoying what the nature here has to offer, and have only grown to love it more than I can really explain. I only wish I could have fit more of what I enjoy into this piece!

All in all- a humble tribute to my beautiful home- in the form of one of my gals!

Up in the mountains where I live, I see a lot of wild animals- more often than people, to be honest! Some of my absolute favorite visitors are the moose (as long as we each keep our respected distance from one another, that is!). I see many deer/elk inspired fantasy girls, but never a moose! So, I had to pay homage to them in some way.
Due to the wide shape of their antlers, it seemed fitting to decorate them with bundles of various wildflowers, plants, and weeds that are all native to Northern Idaho. To accompany the vintage greens and golds, I sprinkled in some bright colors with Idaho's national bird, the Mountain Bluebird. 

Now, setting aside my cheesy ramblings- I'd like to thank my Patrons for making it possible for me to sit down and do pieces like this. It truly brings me joy, and I only hope that you are all enjoying the results!

Here's the refreshed version:

Mother Nature of the Pacific Northwest by Skirtzzz


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I always love seeing antlers!

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She must have neck muscles of steel.
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Absolutely gorgeous work. Your love shines through :)
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I really appreciate that!! Thank you! :heart:
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You're very welcome :)
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Beautiful art with an equally beautiful story, Thank you.
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I really appreciate that- thank you!! :heart:
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This is very fitting that I see this now - in about two weeks, I'm headed up to northern Michigan, where my grandparents a bunch of forested land. My grandfather made a bunch of trails through the woods, so I have fond memories of the wildflowers up there, which have a very distinct color to them that this piece reminds me of. Very nice work, and creative take on the antlers! :heart:
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That sounds so lovely!!
Thank you kindly :heart:
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Great artwork! Once again I love the colors, but also the motive and the eye for detail -  not to mention the fine femle shape, which you managed to catch in good taste.
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I really appreciate that! Thank you!! :heart:
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You're welcome ^__^.
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Shit, her neck must be killing her.
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A proper mother of the earth. :)
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Och my gawd. This is stunning!  Heart 
I have this feeling you will become my new guru. I love deviantART! 
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:'D :heart:
Thank you!!!
Beautiful and amazing. Cute too. ^u^

Seems like a combination of Mother Nature and Herne or the Horned God.  
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Thank you kindly!! :heart:
Your quite welcome. ^u^
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how lovely!!!!!! your art is so beautiful thank you for posting 
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Awh gosh- much appreciated!! So happy to hear that! :heart:
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