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Mascot Spike

Just when the battle begins to take a turn- the Equestria Girls might be in trouble! BUT WAIT! Mascot Spike comes to the rescue!

I told gcGreengrass that I really wanted to add this one in, and he happily obliged! He commissioned this entire MLP series, so he's the one to thank for its existence!

Final Fantasy X-2 Mascot Dressphere

I think we all know who Spike cheers for the most! :')

Psychic Rarity by Skirtzzz

You can view the entire series here!


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Hey PBS Barney got some competition

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is that a fursuit >:3

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IM SCARED,...................................................!
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This is good art. A real quality dragon friend.
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Ahaha!! Yay! Thank you! :'D
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I like the spike inside the costume 
Skirtzzz's avatar
I'm glad! Thank you :D
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Your welcome I thin rarity would like the spike inside the costume as well
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That's me except I'm the mascot head.
i like this spike's hair
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Thanks so much!! :'D
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Poor Spike! He doesn't get enough attention!!!! ;_;
Not my first time viewing it, and yet I'm laughing my ass off right now... XD
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I'm getting some serious deja vu, but I can't figure it out
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So a spike in a spike:lag:
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