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Lilo and Stitch meet Moana and Maui

By Skirtzzz
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- and Hehei and Pua!

Hopefully you can excuse the haphazard arrangement of this- It's a little (A LOT) slapped together. It originally had a fully detailed and scenic background but I'm my own worst critic and thought it just wasn't very good. Spent so much time drawing the cast that I'd honestly hate to waste em', so we'll try this more simplified....uh. Thing.

Also yes, Stitch is a strong dude, but I thought this pose would be amusing, so, deal with it I guess :thumbsup:


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a movie with everyone together would be amazing, good job

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At least things for those Polynesian Disney characters can’t get any worse.

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Love this.  Any chance we'll see a Raver Moana?
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Thank you!!

One day for sure!

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snd maybe Chel from The Road of El Dorado?
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This gets me thinking what if maui is puge the fish

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Seeing Stitch trying to lift that hook is what got my attention. :lol:

What is it made of? It's just bone, right? Unless, it's made from a giant Kaiju-like creature with super-dense bone.

Or maybe it's a 'Thor thing', where only a "worthy" person can lift it.
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Now that would be a fun crossover.
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This is a really awesome and adorable crossover! Lovely job! :heart:
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Yes and yes! This would be one of the best Disney collabs ever. Two well-known, Hawaiian-themed franchises coming together in a unique way would be epic, especially with Disney's storytelling. Excellent work on this drawing of all these lovable characters.
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(It’s late)
i love how stitch is using all his might to lift up maui’s hook lol
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This is so awesome!!!!!! :heart:

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Aww thank ya!! 
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Good crossover. 
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Lilo: "Come on, Stitch. You can lift up to 300 pounds. Why can't you lift this hook?"
Stitch: "I don't get it, I'm supposed to be the most strongest being in the universe. How much does this thing weigh? 350?"

Nice job on this.
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Thank you so much!!
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XD stitch, what you're doing?! XD
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Oh my gosh! That would actually make an awesome crossover! La la la la Love 
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